Monday, 9 April 2012

Nest Key (Old Update)

Nests are special dungeon that cannot be entered by other beings without permission, though this can be entered using nest pass. Nest Pass can be obtained from dimensional rabbit (to access the Abyss version). Rare Passes are needed to enter the Hell versions and can only be obtained from the Reward Chest in the Abyss versions of the finishing the dungeons.

Every Nest can only be entered a certain number of times a week, recorded by the Nest list in the 'Dungeon' tab to the left of the Social Panel (opened with the 'O' key). All Nests can be accessed from the portal chamber in North-west Saint's Haven (Portal time and space).

There are many rewards that can be obtained from Nests:
-Materials that are needed to craft that Boss's signature equipment set (each class has his or her own set), which has tremendous set bonuses for its level.
-One or more pieces of 'regular' Epic equipment. All equipment that drops in a Nest is furthermore already sealed and ready for trade.
-Epic Powders/Extracts/Crystals
-Special Skill Crests that allow a player to use one of the Boss's attacks as an Active skill.
-Comet Dust

Minotaur Nest
Lv : 24
Nest pass : Red army commander seal
Limit : 7
Location : Lower Ridge

Cerberus Nest
Lv : 32
Nest pass : Dark Overlord Heraldry
Limit : 5
Hell pass : Dark Overlord Amulet
Limit : 3
Location : Black Mountain Foothill

Manticore Nest
Lv : 40
Nest pass : Nest Entry Ticket
Limit : 5
Hell pass : Nereid Origin
Limit : 3
Location : Hermantle Port

Apocalypse Nest
Lv : 40
Nest pass : Nest Entry Ticket
Limit : 5
Hell pass : Modified Prophetic Compass
Hell : 3
Location : Black Mountain Foothill

Sea Dragon Nest
Lv : 40
Nest Pass : Sea Dragon Scale (Drop from Manti/Apoc Hell Nest)
Location : Hermantle Port
Limit : 1
click here to see sea dragon guide

ArcBishop Nest
Lv : 50
Nest Pass : Ancient Totem's Frisbee
Location : Garden of Time and Space in Saint Haven
Limit : 5
new info: now that there's new patch so we don't need key to enter nest anymore, except to enter sea dragon nest or archbishop nest

NOTES: Nest Key is no longer necessary after the update. You may enter nest without using key now. Only black dragon nest which need key to enter now.

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