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So here it is i will explain you about Friendship Guide in Dragon Nest

The Friendship system can be used to obtain discounts from certain NPCs. Press [Y] in game will open up the Friendship interface. Items used to befriend NPCs can be found in dungeons and can also be obtained from Dimensional Rabbit

How to be friend with NPCs :

To be able to be friend an NPC, you must first meet certain criteria, listed in the Friendship interface. For example, you may have to finish a quest, have an achievement, or reach a certain level.
Click here to see the quests

In order to increase Fondness points with an NPC, you may either give them gifts or talk to them,sometimes they will give you a dialogue with choices that you may select.

While if you choose a good option, the NPC will gain fondness. (i suggest you pick the nice answer like compliments or something nice, they love it hahaha ^_^) however, as if you chose the wrong option, the NPC's fondness will not increase

You will get 10 achievement point for each 30% of fondness
It means you will get 10 for reaching 30% fondness, 60% and 90% fondness
so total will be 30 achievement points when you reach 90% fondness
For some NPC, you can get album collection when you reach 60%, for example : Irene
Plus! You can get a Title from reaching 90% :D

Occasionally when gifting an NPC, you may receive mail from them. This mail will include a dialogue from the NPC and some items. Items that can be received include:
Rough or Ordinary Agate
Rough or Ordinary Alteum
Average Fragment
Intermediate Fragment
Octagonal Water

Increasing fondness also increasing alliance points for buying items in guild store located in Saint's Haven. This shop can be accessed through the NPC Merchant Pero

There are 4 guilds:
1. Golden Goose (Merchants)
Members of the Golden Goose Traders include:
-Honest Ed
Sells Golden Goose VIP membership

2. Cassius Palace
Members of Royal Court include:
-Captain Steve
-Sorceress Tara
-Lady Kaylinn
-King Cassius III
-Duke Stewart
-General Duglas
-Tamer Lindsay
-Guardsman Joey
Sells Jade Pouches and other items

3. Free Adventurer
Members of the Free Adventurer's League include:
-Archer Trainer Adeline
-Warrior Trainer Chandler
-Archer Trainer Ithilen
-Sorceress Trainer Stella
-Cleric Trainer Enoch
Sells Octagonal Water and other items

4. Non-Alignment Member

You can check all the members from [Y] hotkey

To see the real size: right-click, open link in a new tab

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