Monday, 16 April 2012

Event: Bonus Daily Login Rewards (17–23 Apr)

From 17April 2012 to 23 April 2012, you can earn Jewels, Potential Codes, and even Revert Cubes just by logging in to Dragon Nest SEA for at least 1 hour during the timings of 2000HRS – 2300HRS (GMT+8) daily!

*To see the real pic: right-click, open link in a new tab

So it will be:
- Ordinary Ruby x5 (for warrior only)
- Ordinary Sapphire x5 (for archer only)
- Ordinary Topaz x5 (for priest only)
- Ordinary Obsidian x5 (for sorceress only)
and login for all 7 days:
- 1x Intermediate Revert Cube
- 1x Intermediate Crystal Code
- 1x Intermediate Agate Code
bonus for 50 players per world will be selected at random to get 1x Intermediate Revert Cube

We just need to online right? Easy ^_^

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