Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sea Dragon Nest Guide: Stage 1

Since there's a new patch, there's also a new content: New Nest Dungeon: Sea Dragon Nest
Everyone is totally out of idea how to survive and clear the dungeon
so i've been looking for some information for the guide and got a nice one. Hope this can help :)

Stage 1: Cannon Islet
There are a total of 8 cannons, 4 at the front, 4 at the back.
it is recommended that mages and archers man the 4 cannons at the back. Clerics and warriors handle the ones at the front. 
I suggest the party should include: Force User, Warrior, Priest and Paladin

There will be 5 waves of monsters coming from the cave in front:

Everyone just keep shooting at whatever that are coming out from the cave
The 1st and 2nd waves of monster are very easy and normally won't pose any troubles
At the 3rd, 4th and 5th wave, if required, priest should cast Miracle relic in the middle of the 8 cannons to protect anyone from damage. 

Warrior: Highland the party member if required.
Force User: Beyond Time if needed so that the priest can cast Miracle Relic at 5th wave.
Paladin: Provoke and distract monsters below the cannon. Keep yourself alive with various invincible and block skills. 

Important Note for Cannon User:
* Left click to man the cannon. press ESC to go back to normal battle mode. 
* After engaging to the cannon, left click to use normal cannon shot (1sec cd). Use right click for  a more powerful charged attack ( 10+sec cd)
* Remember the cannon travels in a projectile manner. Aim higher to hit your target. 
* Cannon will not damage your own party members but will flinch them and interrupt their skills
To proceed the stage 2 all of party members should've go to the ship
Click here for stage 2 guide 

credits: chaose5

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