Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Acrobat Skill Build Lv 40

Acrobat uses close combat skills and has a high chance to dodge enemies' attack

My second main character is acrobat, I love this job so much since it has perfect combo and critical, really cool ^_^
I took Quake Barrage for the ulti because i want to be a windwalker later, its your choice to pick the ulti depends on what job you will take later
There're a lots of version of skill build, but i think this one is the best :)

Archer Skill:

  • Multi Shot – Some people thinks that multishot is quite useless for a melee like acrobat, but i think its a nice skill since it can attack the knocked down targets (willow kick can't do damage to knocked down enemies)
  • Mental Training – Having high skill, will also use high MP consumption. At least increase this to Lv1

  • Eagle’s Dive – This skill can deal incredible damage at high levels (This skill really useful to be a counterattack when you're launched to the air)
  • Blooming Kick – This skill has % chance stun rate. This skill really perfect with Somersault dance
  • Cyclone Kick – Great damage and i think this skill really fits with Spiral Vortex to do combos
  • Spirit Boost – Increase the movement and attack speed of the allies (Acrobats MUST take this skill) 
  • Spiral Vortex – It has a nice very damage and hard to dodge (I suggest you take a distance with the target before using this skill because sometimes it miss the target because too close with the user)

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