Thursday, 12 April 2012

Force User Skill Build Lv 40 (dark)

Force User uses Light, Dark, and Time
Light for damage
Dark for crowd control
Time for support

Btw, let me make it straight, Force User doesn't need light attack %. Some people believe that force user's skill are based with light and dark. The truth is, magic attack and dark. The 'light' word is only for symbol. Light attack% is only for cleric, priest and paladin.

My main character is Force User, its focus on Dark and Time.
There're a lots of version of skill build but i think this one is the best :)

Sorceress skill:

Force User Skill:

Skill Description:

Sorceress Tree:

  • Glacial Spike - Lv1. Glacial spike is a great DPS skill, with short cd, long range, chance to freeze, and short casting time. Note that while being frozen, damage deal to the target is amplified 1.5x (even on nest bosses). Also, it deals double damage on big-size boss . However, due to SP constraint, I choose not to max this skill.
  • Poison Cloud - Max at Lv12. It is one of the best skill in sorceress tree. Fast casting, multiple hit, short cooldown (cd) and dark damage attribute. Poison cloud, Triple Orbs, black hole and gravity ball are dark attribute skill and the damage can be boosted with % dark elemental attack stats.
  • Void Blast - Lv3. Fast casting, long range nuke. Keep at lv3 as a prerequisite for the dark skill line.
  • Shockwave - Lv2, as prerequisite for laser-tree skill. Great for pushing away nearby mobs.
  • Mana Flow - Max at Lv1. No need SP to learn. A party buff that reduces MP consumption by 20%.
  • Counter Spell - Max at Lv1. Good for standing up fast after you are down. Give you a small window of invincibility too.
  • Aerial Evasion - Lv3. Good for regain position after you are floated in the air.
  • Physical Mastery - Lv3. Hp is always good. Not maxed due to SP constraint.
  • Blink - Max at Lv5. Shortest cd is required. Eraser, Triple Orbs, Gravity Ascension and Gravity Switch can be cancelled half way during casting by blinking. This improves the flexibility of the these skills tremendously.
  • Escape - Max at Lv5.
  • Mental Mastery - Max at Lv2. Increase Max MP.
  • Mental Training - Max at Lv1. Increase MP regen.

Force User Tree:

  • Gravity Blast - Max at Lv9. Add a 20% damage inc A crest to boost its damage would be a good idea.Short cd, spammable skill. Notice that the ball deals 2 type of damages. While the ball is travelling, it deals small damage to whatever it touches. However, after a certain duration and/ or when the ball hit any obstables/floor, it will explode and deal a high amount of damage. 
  • Gravity Spark - Lv1. Dark attribute. Short cd, fast casting and SUPER long range. Left click after you blink or teleport to activate. Can be chained easily into microholes for additional damage. It also serves a convenient and quick damage booster after an evasion blink in boss battle. It deals a max of 3 hits on a single target, and need to be aimed at the base/feet of the target to deal the maximum damage.
  • Triple Orbs - Max at Lv8. Damage is fantastic. It is one of the best DPS skill for force user. You can cancel it halfway by blinking. Very flexible. Dark attribute.
  • Black Hole - Lv2. This skill is not a DPS skill, but rather a crowd control skill to gather mobs. Dark attribute. The size will be double at lv4 and maximize the suction power. However, the skill still suffers from slow casting and long cd.
  • Summon Comet - Lv5. This skill has very large AOE and serves to replace Spectrum Shower as mobs clearing skill. Although the damage is lower than spectrum shower, the casting time and cooldown is shorter. It combos very well with a lv4 blackhole too. At lvl5, the size of the comet is doubled. This skills has high superarmor breaking ability too.
  • Gravity Ascension - Lv3. Dark attribute has been given to this skill recently. However, this skill is still not a good DPS skill. This skill is useful in disabling small mobs and certain bosses in nest such as black smokes in Apocalypse nest and Golem in Manticore nest. It also has very high superarmor destruction ability and good in breaking the walls and stones in Apocalypse nest (hellmode).
  • Meteor Storm - Lv1. This skill is not as flexible as the laser ultimate, Eraser because it can’t be cancel half way during its 8.5sec of casting time. However, this skill has bigger AOE and higher damage as compared to Eraser. It also has very high superarmor destruction ability and can break the superarmor of some bosses in nest, such as medusa and golem in manticore nest.
  • Linear ray - Lv1. Long range, moderate damage, slow cast, multi-hit. No elemental attribute (similar to spectrum shower and Eraser, as opposed to popular believes that these are light attribute skills).
  • Gravity Void - Lv1. Right click after you blink OR teleport. Low damage, but good for interruption and cancel others skill. In PVP, it causes your opponent to stagger, which means you can quickly sneak in a simple normal attack to knock him down.
  • Force Shield - Lv2. Passively activated when you are hit. Pretty useless skill but I got to learn to go down this skill tree. This passive also has a hidden ability: it helps you recover from delay whenever this shield is activated.
  • Nine-tailed Laser - Lv2. Good damage if all the 9 lasers hit the target, which is easy against large-sized bosses. However, the damage is not as good against smaller size targets. It deals 2 types of damage (touch and explosive damage) and hit up to 18 hits max. The laser explodes upon contact with obstacles, wall and floor. Explosive damage is higher than touch damage. Lv2 is the prerequisite for Energy Reflection Mirror.
  • Force Mirror - Lv1. This skill is one of the main reason why I choose to venture down the laser tree. Allow you to summon a mirror that increases 20% magic damage received by the surrounding targets. Last 12sec.
  • Spectrum shower - Lv1 is a great skill to have, spectrum shower large AOE mobs clearing ability.
  • Teleport - Lv1. Add 20% reduce cd crest for it, which reduce the cd from 15sec to 12sec. Keep force user mobile. Right-click after teleport to activate Gravity Void or Left-click for Gravity Spark.
  • Time Stop - Lv2. One of the most powerful disabling skill in game. For PVE, 8.5sec of time stop at lv5. However, most bosses in nest can’t be timestopped but the first and third bosses in Apocalypse Nest and first two bosses in manticore nest can be timestopped. Still very good for disabling various mobs in nest.
  • Time Dodge - Lv2. Left click after being hit into delay to activate a mini Time Stop. 1.5sec of time stop at lv2. Almost useless in PVE, but useful in PVP for counterattack. Lv2 is the prerequisite for Beyond Time.
  • Beyond Time - Lv1. Accelerate the cooldown for all skills of all party members and yourself (not counting this skill) by 80% for 14sec at lv3. Maxing this skill give additional 1 sec duration as compared to lvl1, which shaves additional 8 seconds CD from all skills.

*note: i remake this original skill build (i add spectrum shower and because of the tight SP in Force User tree so Gravity Blast must be reduced to lv 5 to add spectrum shower, well Its up to you to not learn spectrum shower and increase Gravity Blast lv. Me personally think that spectrum shower really useful)


  1. diffrent between dark FU and light fu is ?

    1. there's a simple explanation at the beginning of this skill build :) light fu focus on damage, dark fu focus on crowd control

  2. nice ^_^
    this game just launch in Indonesia a week ago

    i wanna ask you some question

    which one is better in PVP Merc/FU?
    thanks :D

    1. every job has their own advantage and disvantages, depends on what u like :)

      in my opinion:
      pvp merc = they have a lots of hp, great damage and perfect super armor, they can't be knocked down so easily

      pvp FU = FU has time stop that can stop enemies for 10 sec (lv6) or gravity trap (that can slow the target) - that means FU has probability to escape at critical situation or do the counter attack as soon as possible

      in team pvp, i think FU is the best supporter for the team, because they have support skill as beyond time, time stop, gravity trap or black hole

      in by1 pvp, i think merce is better because of perfect super armor and high damage

      hope this info can help ^_^

  3. which better for party game, dark build or light built??