Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Paladin Skill Build Lv 40 (crus)

Paladins has a great defense probability. He receives lesser damage than other classes

This build it for paladin who wants to be crusader later
There's a lot of skill build version but i think this one is the best :)
Sorry not much explanations because i'm not using paladin

  • Shield Blow/Lightning Upper/Charged Volt – Optional attack skills that some paladins may or may not prefer to increase their levels.
  • Toughness/Physical Mastery/Mental Mastery/Mental Training – Maxed or placed at high levels for best possible defensive and regenerative capabilities. Mental Mastery Lv2 is sufficient.
  • Direct Kick – Optional skill. Crusader focuses more on Magic, and this is a Physical Skill.
  • Sliding Knee Kick – I have mentioned that this is more of a PvP skill. A melee and Physical skill. Crusaders can leave it unadded.

  • Provocation – Even though a Crusader focuses more on attack, this skill is essential in various Nests such as the Sea Dragon Nest. At times where the Guardian is not able to cope with the onslaught of attacks, a Crusader can step up to be a sub-tank while the Guardian regains its capabilities. Afterall, a Crusader is in fact an evolution of Paladin. No other classes could defend better than Crusaders apart from Guardians.
  • Elemental Aura/Conviction Aura – Being a main Light attacker, high Conviction Aura is definitely a must. I have placed Elemental Aura at Lv0 as I would assume most Guardians would be following the Elemental Aura build.
  • Armor Break – Even though Crusader is not a Physical class, the physical defense reduction is very valuable to a party. It is your choice whether to level this high, or put the SPs to other skills like Stance of Faith, Lightning Charger, Wheel of Iron, or even Sacred Hammer or Charged Volt.
  • Smite – Maxed

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