Friday, 13 April 2012

Event: Sound the Drums of (Occupational) War! (16-29 Apr)

From 16 – 29 April, DragonNest has serving out a whole slew of sweet rewards daily when you duke it out in the latest PVP Mode that is Occupational Wars by completing these Daily PVP Objectives in the Ancient Moss Temple

**To see the real size: right-click, open link in a new tab

Better take a part, just look at the Rewards~~!! XD

- Room size must be 8. Which means it will be a 4 v 4 match. Other room size will not be counted. 
- Endless mode will not be counted.
- Kill counts can be accumulated in different games(occupational war mode) as long as it is achieved within the day.
- If you are asked to kill certain classes and achieve XX number of kills on the day, the kill count for specific class will be accumulated in the total kills.
- By killing 5/8/10 players means to get 5/8/10 kills. It can be the same player..
- For tracking part, players will be responsible to keep track of their own records. 
- All Kill counts will be counted in any of the matches you have played as long the match is Occupational War mode in Ancient Moss Temple with a room size of 8.
- Room must be Full (4 on each team) before starting the match.
- Matches with less than 8 players will not be counted.
- Game round will not be counted for players that got disconnected before the game end.
- Joining in the middle of the match will not be counted as 1 game played.

  • Event timing will reset at 0000hrs (+8 GMT) everyday
  • Reward will be given per character
  • Rewards wil be credited on the next working day.

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