Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Paladin Skill Build Lv 40 (guard)

Paladins has a great defense probability. He receives lesser damage than other classes

This build it for paladin who wants to be guardian later
There's a lot of skill build version but i think this one is the best :)
Sorry not much explanations because i'm not using paladin


  • Shield Blow/Lightning Upper/Charged Volt – Optional attack skills that some paladins may or may not prefer to increase their levels.
  • Toughness/Physical Mastery/Mental Mastery/Mental Training – Maxed for best possible defensive and regenerative capabilities.
  • Direct Kick – Optional skill. Crusader focuses more on Magic, and this is a Physical Skill.


  • Divine Ascension/Divine Vengeance – It improves the defensive capabilities of Paladins, but not meant to be a DPS skill. Pre-requisite and Lv1 are recommended.
  • Elemental Aura – Being a main Light attacker, high Conviction Aura is definitely a must. I have placed Elemental Aura at Lv0 as I would assume most Guardians would be following the Elemental Aura build.

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