Friday, 6 April 2012

Crafting Materials (Old Updates)

Some people don't know where to find the powder/extract/crystal for item production. So i made the list.
Here's the crafting materials list :

Rare Materials
Powder (for making lv 24 equips)
Pasus powder
Road of No Return (Cristal Stream -> Sigh Canyon Entrance)
Catacombs Hall (Cristal Stream -> Wind Forest -> Catacombs Entrance)

Potencia's powder
Church Ruins (Cristal Stream -> Wind Forest -> Wind Forest Temple)
Sanctuary Core (Gray Ruins -> Sanctuary Entrance)

Sophia's powder
Dark Tower Magic Institute (Cristal Stream -> Blizzard plain -> Secret path)
Death Basin (Gray Ruins -> Lower Ridge)

Herba's powder
Silent Monastery Main Hall (Cristal Stream -> Blizzard plan -> Silent Monastery Gate)

Anima's powder
Prayer's resting place (Gray Ruins -> Lower Ridge -> Forgotten Temple)
Extracts (for making lv 32 equips)
Anima's Extract
Abandoned Welton Hallow (Foothills of Black Mountain -> Lonely Forest path)
Flooded Downstream Ruins (Hermalte port -> Ruined Riverbanks)

Herba's Extract
Dried Marisa Spring (Foothills of Black Mountain -> Lonely Forest path)
River Ruins (Hermalte port -> Ruined Riverbanks)

Sophia's Extract
Dark Overlord Keep (Foothills of Black Mountain -> Dark Overlord Gates)
Forsaken Islet (Hermalte port -> Charter Ship)

Pasus extract
Fortress of the Dark Overlord Army (Foothills of Black Mountain -> Dark Overlord Gates)
Collapsed Mine (Hermalte port -> Dark Mines Access)

Potencia's extract
Dark Overlord Training Camp (Foothills of Black Mountain -> Dark Overlord Gates)
Dark Mines (Hermalte port -> Dark Mines Access)
Crystals (for making lv 40 equips)
Sophia's Crystal
Ruins of Lost Time (Hermalte port -> Ruined River Banks)
Nameless Tyrant Tomb (Hermalte port -> Dark Mines Access)

Herba's Crystal
Forsaken Islet Core (Hermalte port -> Charter Ship)
Dark Overlord Tower (Foothills of Black Mountain -> Dark Overlord Gates)
Spirit Grave Tomb (Hermate port -> Ruined Riverbanks)

Pasus Crystal
Explosion Zone in Withered Leaves Forest (Foothills of Black Mountan -> Lonely Forest path)
Gates to City of Death (Hermalte port -> Dark Mines Access)

Potencia's crystal
Ghost Town of Isolated Forest (Foothills of Black Mountain -> Lonely Forest path)
Road to Death City (Hermalte port -. Dark Mines Access)

Anima's Crystal
Sunken Cargo Vessel (Hermalte port -> Charter Ship)
Captain Darlant's Base (Hermalte port -> Charter Ship)
Epic powders - Obtained from Minotaur's Nest
Epic Extracts - Obtained from Cerberus Nest
Epic Crystals - Obtained from Manticore and Apocalypse Nest

NOTES: After the updates, this information is not necessary anymore. The crafting materials are already removed from dragon nest.

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