Saturday, 14 April 2012

Elemental Lord Skill Build Lv 40 (fire)

Elemental Lord uses ice and fire, freeze and burn
There're a lots of version of skill build but i think this one is the best :)

  • Flame Burst – Lv5 Flame Burst is a useless skill. Pre-requisite is just what it takes.
  • Shock Wave – More of a defensive than a DPS skill, that pushes enemies away from you. PvE highly needed in situations when you get surrounded.
  • Counter Spell – This build sacrificed quite a few Elemental Lord’s skills, which I think this skill is essential
  • Mana Flow - Max at Lv1. No need SP to learn. A party buff that reduces MP consumption by 20%.
  • Aerial Evasion - Lv3. Good for regain position after you are floated in the air.
  • Physical Mastery - Lv3. Hp is always good. Not maxed due to SP constraint.
  • Blink - Max at Lv5. Shortest cd is required
  • Escape - Max at Lv5.
  • Mental Mastery - Max at Lv2. Increase Max MP.
  • Mental Training - Max at Lv2. Increase MP regen. MP is a big problem in long dungeon such as Sea Dragon Nest or darklair. MP regen enhancement ensures you have enough MP to cast skills. 

[Elemental Lord]
  • Flame Spark/Frost Wind – This really got me thinking. These are skills that disrupt attacks of your PvP opponents when placed at Lv1. This build completely ignores both skills, and I am speculating that this build is so focused on PvE DPS capabilities. Which means levelling several high damage spells and ignore these more-defensive skills.
  • Fireball – A superb spell. Needless to say, max it. I have seen Saleana reducing almost 40% of 1 bar of Sea Dragon’s HP just by this spell alone. I forgot if that was fully charged or not.
  • Inferno – Even though it is a great spell when levelled high, you will have to stay at a particular spot for several seconds in order to achieve that high DPS effect. Depending on your playing style, leave it at pre-requisite or level it as high as possible.
  • Fire Bird – Only deals superb damage if all 3 birds hit the same target. Depending on your playing style, leave it at pre-requisite or level it as high as possible.
  • Ignite – Despite having such a high cooldown, its damage is marvelous as the level goes high.
  • Glacial Wave/Icy Fraction – Without such a strong skill that causes frozen status, Icy Fraction can be ignored as well.
  • Fire Shield/Ice Shield – When used together, the damage reduction is wonderful. Nevertheless, pre-requisite is sufficient.
  • Frozen Spikes/Chilling Mist – Great damage spells when levelled high. I said this is a highly DPS focused PvE build.


  1. wew this is not fire build this is a highbreed build LOL

    1. did you mean hybrid?
      hybrid but more focus on fire, ice is for supporting :)

    2. lol that was funny....highbreed???....hahahah ROFL>>
      Are u on drugs???

  2. pahiya ka noh may pawew wew ka pa ha BOBO! HIGHBREED LOL! BOBO!

  3. LMAO HIGHBREED hahaha bobo nmn nkdrugs ata un.. nice build btw ^^b

  4. thanks ~ ^^ .. i kinda liked it .. i'm just gonna "lower" the levels of the ice attacks 'coz i'm really searching for higher level fire attacks .. but this really helped a lot .. ^_^

  5. Thank Bro , i really need it .