Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Academic > Engineer Skill Build Lv 40

Since the Academic class already been released, i tried to find the best skill build
So hard to find one but finally i got one, but not so sure if this one is the best
Its up to you want to follow or not :)
*I promise i will update if i found the best one*

Here's the engineer skill build:

There are only 2 skills to consider in Academic tree. Either max Quick Shoot or Stun Grenade! You will need to include Bubble if you're into PVP.

●Quick Shoot
Only 4.5 sec CD, superb range. (I can shoot Monta from opposite platform!) One of your best DPS skill! You can spam this skill from afar without getting hit. Leave melee attacks to your faithful ALFREDO! And ducks.

How to use: Shoot ground instead of your target. Smaller units might not take 2 hits per shot if you're not aiming the ground.
Note: You'll need to consider if you can cast this every 4.5 sec or not, otherwise overall damage is not that good.

●Air Shoot
Used to break shield or launch smaller target into the air. Gravity Grenade + Stun Grenade can do a better job so I'll ignore this skill. Might be good for PVP, but I'm not a PVP fan so I'll leave this for PVP builds to explain.

●Napalm Grenade
Damage wasn't that impressive. I'm purely using this for the knock back effect. 
How to use: Aim slightly IN FRONT of your target to get full hits, not throw the grenade ON your target.

●Stun Grenade
Much better skill compared to Napalm Grenade. Deals full damage in 1 hit, 10 seconds CD, moderate AOE & 70% to stun minor targets. Gravity Grenade + Stun Grenade + Ping Pong combo = bunch of dead monsters. 

Increase 37% movement speed & 10% chance to make your enemy slips at level 1, which I think is more than enough already. I maxed this for 14% extra move speed to outrun Kalahan's Blackhole.

●Force Out 
PVP skill. Push your enemy away, doesn't work on nest bosses so I'm not getting this.

●Summon Alfredo / Recall Alfredo
Summon your faithful robot - Alfredo! Alfredo will have 400% of your Max HP at lv 2.
How to use: Recall Alfredo can save you from various dangers! Recall when Electric Orge is going to hug you or when Sea Dragon is going to Ice Bind you.

Additional Note: Alfredo can be buffed by both ally and enemy. E.G. When Minotaurs in Manticore Nest cast berserk, Alfredo will berserk too! Same thing goes to Mecha Ducks & Towers. 

●Bubble Launcher
PVP skill. Absorb 8540 damage at lv 14 (47 SP), sounds good? Meh... Not in PvE. Absorbing 8540 damage doesn't help that much at higher level nest. You can get lv 1 for the 2.5 sec bind. (Doesn't work on nest bosses) Also, lowest DPS of all Academic's skills. 

Additional Note: This skill will protect you from 1 huge damage before bubble burst. (Additional damage will not inflict on you) If you think you can react fast enough, getting 1 level is not bad at all, it is like a mini Shield Block.

●Tumble / Aerial Evasion
Max these, self-explanatory. Loli has too little evasion skills.

●Mega Hammer / Air Bomb
PVP skills. No idea about Mega Hammer. Air Bomb is good for knocking back targets that are trying to get near to you.

●Circle Bomb 
Create explosion around you and stand up immediately. Good for dungeons that have waves of monsters coming at you.. Or GDN stage 3.
How to use: Left click when you're sleeping on ground. ;D

●Physical Mastery / Mental Mastery / Mental Training 
Get at least 1 level of Mental Training. You will need those MP Regen! As for Max HP, MP, add as you see fit.

●Vending Machine 
Vends random foods out of the machine... Yes RANDOM... Can't really rely on this skill but it doesn't cost SP anyway. Get it!

●Rocket Jump 
Get lv 1 for utility. Good for dodging attacks or launch yourself to a direction quickly. Sadly, no invinciblility frame.

●Fake Bomb
PVP / Dungeon skill. Similar to Air Bomb, good for knocking back target pursuing you.

●Gravity Grenade 
This skill has higher DPS than Stun Grenade at max level. I'd max this if this skill is not in Engineer tree. Higher level does not increase suction like Force User's Blackhole.

●Ping Pong Bomb
One of the most imba skill! 

Additional Note (Taken from Chaos~): It will only jump up to 8x if there are 3 or more monster in range, otherwise, the jump will terminate at the 2nd monster if there are only 2 or less monsters in range. The additional damage after it terminate is very high because all the remainder jump will be convert to the final hit damage at the certain ratio. For Ex version, each remainder jump count add 15% damage to the final hit. This skills is extremely powerful versus single target. 

●Mine Thrower
This skill is on par with Alfredo Whirlwind when used on huge target like nest bosses (20 bullets, 40 hits total, good for applying suffix debuff). Useless skill when doing dungeons. 

Additional Note: This skill will come in handy if you don't have Alfredo on field, you can't summon Alfredo at certain occasion! 

●Chemical Missile
Reduces elemental defense by 15% & critical resist by 50% for 20 seconds! Damage was'nt really that high. This skill is useful for clearing large group of mobs... But not dealing huge damage to single target. Getting 1 lvl for the debuff is enough if you are going for Gear Master. 
Additional Note: This skill is exceptionally good when used on Sea Dragon due to its extremely high critical resist.  

●Alfredo Stomp
IMO getting lv 2 as prerequisite is enough. Unlike Paladin's provoke, you can't keep a boss from facing Alfredo only if you keep on attacking. So no point getting higher level for longer provoke time. Good for clearing mobs, though.

●Alfredo Berserker
Lv 2 as prerequisite. I tried maxing this before skill reset, wasn't that much of a difference.

●Damage Transition
Absorbs 48% damage from party members (Within buff range) for 35 seconds! Get an A-grade reduce 12% cooldown plate and you'll have 48% damage reduction every 44 seconds! 

How to use: Ok this skill has a serious flaw. Alfredo will not cast this skill when it is out of combat. Make sure Alfredo is engaging enemy before casting this skill! Also, Alfredo may "forgot" to cast Damage Transition when it is using Alfredo Whirlwind.

Additional Note: This skill won't be useful at low level as your Alfredo can't transit that much damage, it will die extremely fast.

●Alfredo Whirlwind
The coolest skill in the game! The damage is simply insane. BUT, Alfredo won't be able to fully utilize this skill at Bishop Nest & Dragon Nests.

●Gatling Tower 
Chaos: Max this no matter what. Best DPS skill in the game!!!
Additional Note: You can only summon 3 towers regardless of type.

●Cannon Tower
Leave this at lv 3 as prerequisite. Shoots way too slow and damage wasn't that good either.
Additional Note: You can only summon 3 towers regardless of type.

●Ice Pump Tower
Another semi-imba tower that can slow your enemy (Not nest bosses). Either max or leave it at lv 3 as prerequisite.
Additional Note: You can only summon 3 towers regardless of type.

●Mecha Duck
Summon stupid ducks that have great skills. Walk 1 second and rest 3 seconds. Cramp few seconds when attacked.

Additional Note: Ducks WILL NOT respond to you immediately. They will sit and watch around for ~5 seconds before start attacking and cast skills. You have to train your timing properly if you intend to use Mecha Bomber for the debuff.

●Mecha Shock
IMBA damage if you have all 3 ducks near your target casting this skill. You can consider maxing this skill if you have Mecha Duck EX.

●Mecha Siren
Leave it at lv 3 as prerequisite. Silence target for 5 seconds and remove 2 buffs!

●Mecha Bomber
This skill, coupled with Damage Transition, will probably make you the best supporter in game. Reduce 40% of target's attack for 18 seconds on suicide! (Not really suicide... Your duck will stay :P) Get -12% cooldown reduction plate and you can cast this every 22 seconds!

How to use: Throw a duck near your target, before you cast this skill, throw another duck behind you. This way, the duck near your target will suicide first and apply -40% attack debuff on it. The duck behind you will arrive ~10 seconds later and suicide, applying debuff again. (Debuff timer back to 18 seconds) This way, you can permanently reduce target's attack by 40%! Tested and working, yet to have a boss that resist attack reduction debuff.

Additional Note: This skill DOES stack with Taunting Howl. 
Additional Note #2: Your duck need ~10 seconds to respond if you have just summoned it. 

●Flash Grande
PVP / Dungeon skill. Knock back your enemy! Does not work on most bosses.
How to use: Left click when attacked to retaliate.

Learn Demolition if you're going for Shooting Star. IMO this skill is good for dungeon runs, kill monsters in a blink of an eye! However, 7.5 seconds of immobilization in nests prove to be dangerous and you might kill yourself if used at wrong time. Canceling Demolition stance requires 1 second too.
How to use Demolition: Left click to shoot, right click to release a powerful shot and end Demolition stance.

Learn Skyline if you're going for Gear Master. This skill is probably better for nest runs, but the damage is much inferior. 


  1. i think the skill simulator have error. you'll be lacking SP limit and will not get gravity grenade if u do this. may be the level is set to 50 but the build is for 40, or the skill simulator really got bug

    1. oh sorry i didn't notice that before, i've fixed it already :) thanks for the warn

  2. ●Bubble Launcher

    Additional Note: This skill will protect you from 1 huge damage before bubble burst. (Additional damage will not inflict on you) If you think you can react fast enough, getting 1 level is not bad at all, it is like a mini Shield Block.

    Can I actually shoot the bubble to myself?

    1. actually no, its only used for enemy and teammates

  3. Say.. There's so many skills that are nice, which of 10 skills do you mainly use in dungeons? :o

    1. sry for late rep, been gone for a few days
      well i suggest u better use all the skills for engi
      i mean some skill have their own abilities

      i actually not using academy, but i think all jobs still have the same thing:
      for the buffs of course u will be needing them all the time
      for the attack and defense skills, i think u will use it depends on the situation u have :)

  4. can i ask a question?
    do you have engginer combo list? thx b4fore

    soory if my english are bad,i'm indonesian people,i don't know english language too much :v

  5. can i have a pic of your hotkey for the skills?