Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bow Master Skill Build Lv 40

Bow Master is perfect for long range combat, good for pvp
They have the high critical rate and nice combos

This job is one of my favorite even tho i prefer acrobat since i'm a close combat maniac ^_^ I think bow Master are undefeatable in the air!

There's a lot of skill build version but i think this one is the best :)

Archer's Skill:

This skill build for those who wants to be sniper in future
This skill build for those who wants to be artillery in future

  • Twin Shot/Piercing Shot/Multi Shot – These skills are for damage within melee range
  • Aerial Evasion – Used for counter attack i believe
  • Pinwheel – Really useful at pvp to make enemy can't get closer when you got knocked down
  • Mental Training – This is added high because some skills really need  high MP consumption. I recommended this at least lv 1
[Bow Master]
  • Binding Shot – Max. Prevent enemies for moving, very effective for both PvE and PvP.
  • Arrow Shower – Should i explain this?
  • Longbow/Crossbow Expertise – Chosen for higher Attack stat.
  • Spirit Excellation – Used to maximise the increment of Agility due to better equipment and higher character level.


  1. what weapon use for this build, crossbow or longbow? and what the different?
    i need suggestion ^^

  2. sry for the late rep, i just gone for a few days
    hope you still need the answer

    the difference only the stats of the bow
    it depends on you that what weapon u fit with
    more people prefer to use longbow tho

  3. i think this is a great skill build. thanks for the post but may i ask if you have any info where to get a skill reset scroll? i mistakenly used mine (the one given by lvl 15) without any idea of what happened and what skills to learn again and yeah... i messed up big time. please help? thank you in advance