Saturday, 14 April 2012

Force User Skill Build Lv 40 (light)

Force User uses Light, Dark, and Time
Light for damage
Dark for crowd control
Time for support

Btw, let me make it straight, Force User doesn't need light attack %. Some people believe that force user's skill are based at light and dark. The truth is, magic attack and dark. The 'light' word is only for symbol. Light attack% is only for cleric, priest and paladin.

There're a lots of version of skill build but i think this one is the best :)

Sorceress Skill:

Force User Skill:

  • Glacial Spike – Ignored. For me I will put at least lv 1. If you play PvP using Force User/Mystic before, you know that many skills have high cooldown before you can use. But Glacial Spike is one of the skills with a fast cooldown that you can use first if you need.
  • Poison Missle – Lv 12. It is one of the best skill in sorceress tree. Fast casting, multiple hit, short cooldown (cd)
  • Void Blast - Lv3. Fast casting, long range nuke. Keep at lv3 as a prerequisite for the dark skill line.
  • Shockwave - Lv2, as prerequisite for laser-tree skill. Great for pushing away nearby mobs.
  • Mana Flow - Max at Lv1. No need SP to learn. A party buff that reduces MP consumption by 20%.
  • Counter Spell - Max at Lv1. Good for standing up fast after you are down. Give you a small window of invincibility too.
  • Aerial Evasion - Lv3. Good for regain position after you are floated in the air.
  • Physical Mastery - Lv3. Hp is always good. Not maxed due to SP constraint.
  • Blink - Max at Lv5. Shortest cd is required. Eraser, Triple Orbs, Gravity Ascension and Gravity Switch can be cancelled half way during casting by blinking. This improves the flexibility of the these skills tremendously.
  • Escape - Max at Lv5.
  • Mental Mastery - Max at Lv2. Increase Max MP.
  • Mental Training - Max at Lv2. Increase MP regen. MP is a big problem in long dungeon such as Sea Dragon Nest or darklair. MP regen enhancement ensures you have enough MP to cast skills.
[Force User]
  • Gravity Blast – Lv5. 8 second cooldown skill. High spammability. If you have extra SP, you can increase this skill higher.
  • Triple Orbs – Lv5. 2nd skill to spam in Time Acceleration mode. Extra SP put them here.
  • Time Acceleration – Lv 1. Increasing the level only raises the duration by 0.5 sec per level. Not worth it.
  • Linear ray - Lv9. Long range, moderate damage, slow cast, multi-hit.
  • Force Shield - Lv2. Passively activated when you are hit. Pretty useless skill but I got to learn to go down this skill tree. This passive also has a hidden ability: it helps you recover from delay whenever this shield is activated.
  • Nine-tailed Laser - Lv3. A new skill for Force User in Z-mode update. Good damage if all the 9 lasers hit the target, which is easy against large-sized bosses. However, the damage is not as good against smaller size targets. It deals 2 types of damage (touch and explosive damage) and hit up to 18 hits max. The laser explodes upon contact with obstacles, wall and floor. Explosive damage is higher than touch damage.
  • Force Mirror - Lv1. This skill is one of the main reason why I choose to venture down the laser tree. Allow you to summon a mirror that increases 20% magic damage received by the surrounding targets. Last 12sec. However, what really make this skill look sexy is the ability of this skill to block various stuff in Sea Dragon Nest: Fire ball in stage 3, cerberus in stage 4, cow stampede in stage 5 and binding vine at stage 6. Not to mention, it can also block electric ogre hugging and apocalypse spinning attack in apocalypse nest.
  • Spectrum Shower – Lv 3. Probably to clear mobs faster with higher damage? For me, I will probably drop the level for this skill to raise other skills like Gravity Ball, Micro Hole or else
  • Gravity Sphere and Force Wave – Ignored. With so many skills to spam, these 2 may not be viable in PvE. But they can be useful in PvP.


  1. Thx for the Skill Build

  2. will lack of sp at the end of 40 right

    1. but i already count and it doesn't lack of sp, maybe you put it wrong? its 123/250 for sorc and 248/250 for FU and 29 SP left *sry for late rep anyway*

    2. oh sorry i wrote the wrong info, its spectrum shower lv 3 not 6 (i fixed it alr), but the picture was right :)

    3. kinda going right by now

    4. i got 124/250 and 250/250 ==

    5. hmm thats weird :S
      i already check it right 123/250 and 248/250
      but i guess its ok as long it doesnt lack of sp :)

  3. u got this FU Character? because my mg is low

    1. my FU focus on dark :)
      it has 40% dark attack and also have 3,3k m.attack

    2. BTW how u get 40% ==

  4. aw...u weapon+?and how u get to 40%?

    1. my accessories:
      - Tough Sylvie Ana earring +8,65% dark
      - Tough Sylvie Ana necklace +10,5% dark
      - Skills Sylvie Ana rings +91 m.attack and +3% dark for each ring (+8% dark for hid.pot of one of my ring, the other one is +5,8% m.attack)
      so total +33% dark for accessories and +5,8% m.attack

      my weapon:
      - manticore staff (m.power) with hid.potential +m.attack 5,8%
      - manticore crystal ball (dark) with hid.potential +dark 8%

    2. w0w,u so rich my all +6 and main +7 only karakuyl
      light 24%and dark 18% ==

    3. nah its just luck i think, i made the spiral code by my own ^_^

    4. btw, why are u increasing light %? Light attack is only for priest and paladin, the word 'light' for force user is only a symbol

  5. u got mer skill build

    1. i just post that today, go check it out :)