Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Trading House

This is the place where you can buy stuffs from other character, and sell your unused stuffs for money XD
Any items that are not bound to the character can be sold here. Bound items must be sealed before they can be listed in the Marketplace

Trading house at Saint Haven
To sell items, click the "register" tab on the Marketplace. Players may list 30 items on the Marketplace every week. No more than 5 items can be listed on the Marketplace at one time, unless you have special ticket (buy at cash shop).

Players may set the price of the items they are selling, however, they must pay few percentage of that price as a fee to list the item. Items are sold on the Marketplace for 12 hours  (24 hours for players who used special ticket) before they expire. The money for sold items can be retrieved under the "calculate" tab.

There's also 10% tax on TH so for example you sold an item for 1000 gold, you will get 900 gold instead because it has 100 gold tax

Use search to find item you need, most people don't know that items can be found without typing the exact name of the item they're looking for. For example: just type re tita ho to find red titanium horn

To see the average price of the item, click check market price button.

Happy shopping ^__^

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