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Sea Dragon Nest Guide: Stage 6

Stage 6: Grassland Golem Monta
Monta has various deadly skills:
* Poison Spore: From HPx4 to x1. It will cast poison spore at one of the party member who draw aggro. After being hit, the person will have an skull icon on his head and poison aura will appear around him (greenish ring). There will be a system notice about it too. That person should be far from the others and party members should not be in the vicinity of the poison aura around him. That person who catch the poison won't actually receive any damage, however anyone else who are in the aura will get 15K~30K damage per second. 

* Poison Gas (AOE Poison): At the end of each HP bar, after a countdown of 3 sec, the whole field will be filled with poison gas.  Each hit 10k damage, one will probably be dead after this skill is over.  This skill will be casted every time when each of his HP bar is about to be depleted. 

*Vine Grip: From HPx3 to x1. Monta will dig its mouth and spit something out onto the floor. A vine will start chasing a random player. Players who are near the vine will then be entangled with some sort of poison vine (there will be another system notice about it). The bind attack has a certain AOE and can bind more than 1 person. 

Deal 1500 damage per second for 10sec. After 10sec, roughly 50k damage will be dealt.  Damage penetrates shield block and avatar. If someone is bound, other party members can save them by breaking the super armor of the vine. Requires high super armor skills. 

* Berserk: After  6minutes of the battle, Monta might go into Berserk mode. There will be a sword symbol on top of this head. It will start dealing almost 50k damage with any single hit. Mercenary disenchanting howl can remove the berserk status. He will only cast berserk once in the whole battle. 

* Stomp: From HP x4 to x1. Monta will slam the floor with his fist, with a ring of rock column appearing around it. The first hit deal 4000~5000 damage, while the rock column can deal as high as 20k damage (aftershock damage). The AOE is 360 degree around him. Will not hit melee range or far away from him.  

* Charged Stomp: From HPx3 to x1. Monta will raise his arm high and one of his leg as well to power up his stomp. This attack has unlimited AOE and will hit you no matter where you are. A rock column will be forced out underneath your feet to deal heavy aftershock damage. Avoid this attack by timing your jump, just when his arm is at the highest point and about to slam down. JUMP AWAY from your current spot with arrow key so that you will not be hit by the rock column. Avoid jumping to your party members or you will get hit by his rock column. 

* Earth Quake + Chase: Hpx1. Monta will jump and stomp to cause earth quake and faint. Deal large AOE damage to the whole screen. Jump to avoid. Monta will chase after member with highest aggro (normally paladin with provoke)

* Dig underground: Hpx2 to x1. He will dig underground and hide after hitting HPx2. His hand will punch out from the ground sometimes. 

* Summon Zombie: summon a lot of poison zombie to attack you. 

Flower Skill:
* Bite
* Spit Poison
* Roar: This is skill is extremely damaging. Make sure someone disable or kill the flower when everyone is gathering on the platform.

Monta is a very tough boss which requires perfect coordination between party members to kill it without sacrificing anyone. A small mistake could wipe out the whole party instantly. 

Main Tank (main-T)
* provoke
* make sure your provoke does not get cancel by the flower beside you. 

Sub Tank (sub-T)
*provoke if main-T lose it. 
*Save main-T with avatar+smite+armor break etc if main-T is bound. The reason for using avatar is because the main-T might get infected with poison ring when he is bound. You will be killed if you go near him without avatar. 
*Distract the flower so that it doesn't disturb the provoke of main-T

* Use disenchanting howl at the 6th minute to remove berserk on Monta
* Cast highland, super armor buff whenever gathering at the platform at the end of each HP bar.
* Use devastating howl to reduce the attack of Monta.

* Cast miracle hand at the top of the platform (near the sub-T location) when each of Monta's HP bar is almost depleted. (to be safe, around 10~15% of HP bar). Make sure, that there is a poison ring on the main-T (a sign of the aggro is on him) before you cast the miracle hand. 
* Heal the party when necessary.
* Cast various relic (the Great Wall of Relic) around Monta to block the vine. 

Force User
* Cast time acceleration when all the priests finishing casting their miracle hands.
* Use mirror to block the vine if it manage to slip past it.
* Distract the flower so that it doesn't cancel the skills of the main-T

Vine Breaker
* This is a special role given to 1 to 2 member(s) in the party. Normally a fast moving character with high super armor skills. Mercenary, sword master and force user are good candidate for this task. 
* Stay at the back at the relic wall most of the time and reserves high super armor break skills.
* Be extremely alert and save party member(s) who get bound ASAP.

Position of Party Members
Party members are not strictly required to stand at the right zone, but that's the place to stand during idling period (not really idle but when your major attack skills/damage reduction buff is cooldown and you don't really want to attack or waiting for cooldown of miracle relic)

Zone Definition:
High Risk - not blocked by any relics. can be bound anytime and party members might not be able to make it to save you. DO NOT stay there for too long, especially when Monta is digging his mouth. 
Medium Risk - Only will get bound with all the relics are down or destroyed by Monta.
Low Risk - Almost impossible to get bound, because they are shielded by priests and their relics.

If Main-T got bound: 

If Priest or Sub-T got bound:

The advantage of such formation is that:
* the Vine Breaker (DPS/Merc) can actually see what Monta is doing while trying to save the sub-T or priest. DPS/Merc will have the chance to dodge some of the attack while saving instead of sustaining damage while saving. 
* The fan-shaped area allows the DPS/Merc to be spaced out to avoid the the raise-leg stomp and at the same time, be protected from Vine grip.

How to attack: DPS can go to the side of the Monta to deal damage, but try to stay behind the relics to avoid getting bind. 

Flow of the Battle
At the start of the battle, a paladin with high level provoke run up to the 2 o'clock platform (top right corner) and provoke the boss. The platform is chosen because it is the widest platform among the 4 of them. Monta can't jump up to the platform. All other members do nothing and wait for 6min to pass.

Mercenary get ready to cast disenchanting howl at 6minutes to clear his berserk status. Sub-T get into the position at the other end of the same platform.  After it is done, all party members can start attacking Monta from its back while the main-T provoke it. 

At the end of HP x4, wait for a Poison Ring to be cast on the Main-T. This is to prevent the Poison Ring to be casted on a random party members while we are gathering at the top of the platform to avoid the AOE poison gas.  

Once the Main-T is infected with a poison ring, priest 1 cast a Miracle Hand on the top the platform at the position of the Sub-T. This miracle hand can reduce the damage from various stomp and save the party member in case Vine Grip is cast suddenly. 

After miracle hand is up, all other party members move up to the platform (where the sub-T is) and gather in the Miracle Hand. Continue to deal damage to Monta until the AOE Poison Gas is triggered. Priest 2 continue to cast the second miracle hand after the first one finish. 

After the AOE Poison Gas is over, all party members go down from the platform and go into the formation suggested above. Priests cast the Great of Relic around Monta and DPS can start damaging Monta. The 3rd miracle hand can be used if available. Time acceleration should be cast right after the final miracle hand. Devastating howl can also be used to cut the attack Monta after the last miracle hand is cast. Vine Breaker and Sub-T must be extremely alert at all times. 

After hitting the end of HPx3, make sure miracle hand is CD and a poison ring is cast on the Main-T. Repeat the same process again, as with the end of HPx4. 

After this second poison gas, Monta will start tunneling into the ground and summon zombies. Clear the zombies ASAP. When Monta reappear, DO NOT attack before the main-T provoke Monta and lure it to the platform. Once Monta is back into position, everyone else should get into the same formation again. Note that he likes to tunnel a few times during 2x HP. 

Repeat the same thing when his 2x HP is about to get depleted. Wait for a poison ring, miracle hand, gather, deal damage. This 3rd poison gas attack is the last one you will see. 
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credits: chaose5

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