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All Lv 40 Ultimate Skill

Some people are completely confused about the ultimates, well honestly it depends on what job you will take for later. The ultimate skill of course have their own advantages and disvantages.
I just got the info about the ultimates after doing some research, hope this can help :)

Which Ultimate is better?

Sword Master
AOE: Great Wave has much more AOE. It helps to clear mass mobs easier. Winner = Great Wave.
Damage: Infinity Edge has much more damage than Great Wave. Insane boss killer skill. Winner = Infinity Edge.
Buffs/Debuffs: N/A
Cooldown: Great Wave: 120s. Infinity Edge: 125s. Winner = Great Wave but the difference is negligible.
PvP: In single PvP, Infinity Edge is very fearsome if you can aim the opponent correctly. For Great Wave, it is kinda hard to deal most of the damage on your opponent because you need to be at a certain distance for the waves to hit. The extra hit gained due to left clicking to end the animation can help to interrupt your opponent. As for mass PvP, Infinity Edge works the same way in single PvP because you move at crazy speeds and you are harder to aim. Great Wave, having great AOE and the damage is dealt at a distance, is useful in getting more kills when there are many people in front of you. Winner (Single PvP) = Infinity Edge. Winner (Mass PvP) = None.

AOE: Both Whirl Typhoon (WT) and Gigantic Bomber (GB) have huge AOE. The difference is WT is AOE around self and GB is AOE in front. Winner = None.
Damage: GB has higher damage than WT. However, if lv50 is out, using WT with Bone Crash (Barbarian skill) can deal high damage as well. At lv40 cap, I will say Winner = GB. At lv50, I am not sure.
Buffs/Debuffs: N/A
Cooldown: WT: 150s. GB: 120s. Winner = GB.
PvP: In Mass PvP, both skill works very well. WT helps disable many opponents at one time. GB helps in getting kills in a big frontal AOE. In single PvP, WT helps to disable as well, giving you more time to let your skills finish cooldown. GB, on the other hand, has higher damage. Winner = None.

Force User
AOE: Both Meteor Swarm (MS) and Eraser have huge AOE. The only difference is MS is AOE around self and Eraser is front AOE. Winner = None.
Damage: MS has higher damage. Winner = MS.
Buffs/Debuffs: When using Eraser, you will have 75% damage reduction on self. MS has no buffing or debuffing capability. Winner = Eraser.
Cooldown: Both have the same cooldown. Winner = None.
PvP: In mass PvP, I think Eraser is much better due to the damage reduction status. The frontal AOE is good also. As for MS, you need to go closer to your enemies for MS to hit so it can endanger yourself. In single PvP, since MS is AOE around self, it can hit close range classes better. However, even though Eraser has the damage reduction buff, your damage may not hit if your enemy goes behind you. WInner (mass PvP) = Eraser. Winner (single PvP) = hard to say.

Elemental Lord
AOE: Fiery Vortex has a longer range compared to Blizzard Storm, but Blizzard Storm can hit mobs behind the player. Winner = None.
Damage: Due to Hellfire, as long as you have yet to reach Crit Cap, Fiery Vortex will naturally overpower Blizzard. Even by looking at the damage numbers on the skill simulator, Fiery Vortex wins. And did you forget about the Burning damage? The winner is clear–>Fiery Vortex. However, if you are using Ice Attack Equipment instead of Fire Attack Equipment, naturally Blizzard Storm will win Fiery Vortex.
Buffs/Debuffs: Ice is the king of slows. If I am not wrong, Blizzard Storm has a chance to freeze apart from just slowing. Note that the freeze only works on mobs and not bosses. Winner = Blizzard Storm.
Cooldown: Same
PvP: Both are good as they are huge AOE spells. Except that Fiery Vortex can be casted at a certain range, while Blizzard Storm requires the caster to get in the middle of a mass fight. Winner = None.

AOE: Even though Pinpoint Shot only hits in a straight line, it can also deal a slight AOE at the line of fire. However, it does not have a piercing effect. As for Revolutionary Ballista, it deals a few blasts of huge AOE damage after the arrow leaves the quiver for about 2 seconds. Winner = Revolutionary Ballista.
Damage: The answer is clear, Revolutionary Ballista has a much better AOE, and hence Pinpoint Shot will have a better damage formula. And the damage difference is really different. Because Pinpoint shot generates a lot of hits, and hence the damage dealt is usually consistent. Revolutionary Ballista may deal lower damage if you don’t have a good crit. Winner = Pinpoint Shot.
Buffs/Debuffs: N/A
Cooldown: Same
PvP: Revolutionary Ballista for multi-kills, while Pinpoint Shot for sniping purposes. Winner = None.

AOE: Needless to say, Spiral Edge deals a huge AOE damage around self after flying up to the sky. Divine Rage is a whole series of attacks at certain attack points. Winner = Spiral Edge.
Damage: The answer is clear, Spiral Edge has a much better AOE, and hence Divine Rage will have a better damage formula. And the damage difference is really different. Because Divine Rage generates a lot of hits, and hence the damage dealt is usually consistent. Divine Rage may deal lower damage if you don’t have a good crit. Winner = Divine Rage.
Buffs/Debuffs: N/A
Cooldown: In PvE, Spiral Edge has a much faster cooldown compared to Divine Rage. For PvP, the cooldowns are the same. Winner = Spiral Edge.
PvP: Spiral Edge for multi-kills and damage-evading. Divine Rage may not fully land every hit on a player. Winner = Spiral Edge.

AOE: Divine Avatar is a buff that deals a slight damage in front of the Paladin while being able to stun the mobs for a certain duration. Thor’s Hammer deals a huge frontal AOE damage. Winner = Thor’s Hammer.
Damage: It really depends. Divine Avatar is usually for Kickadins. After casting Divine Avatar, your stats increase by a tremendous boost. Strength increases (good for Kicks), while Intellect and Magic Attack increases (good for various Lightning Spells). Naturally, a P.Atk based paladin will deal normal damage with his various AOE spells, while dealing strong consistent DPS with his kicks afterwards. Afterall, spaming kicks after Divine Avatar and various strong Light Attacks is the right away to maximise its DPS effectiveness. Winner = Not determined.
Buffs/Debuffs: Divine Avatar gives you invulnerable status for a certain duration while increasing your stats by a crazy amount. Winner = Divine Avatar.
Cooldown: Thor’s Hammer has 5 seconds lesser on the cooldown. Even though it doesn’t really matter, Winner = Thor’s Hammer.
PvP: Thor’s Hammer for multi-kills. Divine Avatar gains you invincibility and huge stat bonus. Winner = Probably Thor’s Hammer.
Side Note: You may see Thor’s Hammer winning in most situations, but in fact, Divine Avatar is the true factor of a PvE paladin in terms of tanking.

AOE: Miracle Relic damages enemies around the relic itself, while Heaven Judgment deals damage around the caster himself. However, Miracle Relic can be aimed and cast at close range, as well as extreme far range. Even so, the actual damage AOE may not be as big as Heaven Judgment. Winner = Undetermined.
Damage: Based on the skill alone, Heaven Judgment definitely wins. However, after dropping the Miracle Relic, you are still able to cast other damage spells or even cast buffs/heals to protect your allies. In a way, Miracle Relic may even win Heaven Judgment. Winner = Depends.
Buffs/Debuffs: Heaven Judgment gives a 33% light element debuff, while Miracle Relic gives tremendous defense boost to allies. Winner (Support) = Miracle Relic. Winner (Damage) = Heaven Judgement.
Cooldown: Heaven Judgment has 25 seconds lesser on the cooldown. Winner = Heaven’s Judgment.
PvP: Both MIracle Relic and Heaven Judgment are good for multi-kills. However, I believe opponents will be in a constant shock status while under the area of Heaven Judgment. Winner = Probably Heaven Judgment. But do note that Miracle Relic gives damage reduction buff which is also useful in mass PvP to protect your teammates.


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