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Sea Dragon Nest Guide: Stage 4

Stage 4: Mutant Cerberus

The safest and fastest way to pass this stage is to drag the Cerberus to one of the lane.
It doesn't really matters, left or right, as long as all party members gather at one. For the sake of discussion, we will assume that the party gathers at the left lane (according to minimap)

Paladin make sure that the Cerberus head is facing wall/edges and DPS can deal damage safely from behind of the Cerberus

Mutant Cerberus skill:
1. Smashing the floor with paws. Similar to normal Cerberus. After smashing, a black circle will be created at the area on the floor. This black circle can deal damage. The damage of the black circle seems to be high.  

2: Spinning attack. After a roar animation, he will make a spin and deal damage to its surrounding.

3. Roar:  When the HP reach x3, the Cerberus will roar and push everything backwards. This skill itself does not deal much damage, but it is very dangerous to the whole team. Reason see below. 

4. Jump: When the HP reach x2, he will jump and dive towards the person drawing aggro.When he land, dark energy ball will be flying out in all direction. The damage is around 10k.  Very dangerous for DPS. Make sure the one drawing aggro is the tanker after HP x2. 

5. Dark Lighting Ball: Deal very high damage. The casting animation is similar to the AOE lighting of the normal Cerberus. 

An important thing to note here is, shadows will be spawning from the sides of the map (see the first figure above). The shadows will slowly move upwards and eventually reach the explosion area, where it will deal 120k damage to whoever nearby. The strategy suggested here is to ignore the shadows at the right side and the whole team gather at the left side to stop the shadows while killing the Cerberus at the same time. 

Shadows skill:
1. Purple cannon: High damage.
2. Firewall: Similar to elemental lord's fire wall. High damage. 

The shadows are not immune to all sort of abnormal status (time stop, bind, slow, etc). The super armor also can be broken.

* Provoke all the way and make sure the Cerberus is facing away from other party members and towards the edge/wall. The dark circle from paw smashing will not be formed near the edge. 

* Take turn to cast hand of miracle to make sure the paladin survive.
* Line up all your relics properly to form a wall to separate the party members from the Cerberus. It will block the energy ball from his jump and also prevent him from walking towards the DPS if the paladin lose the aggro.

Force User:
* Cast time acceleration at appropriate time to refresh all other party members skills
* Cast mirror in line with other priest's relic to block attack from the Cerberus and prevent any movement of the Cerberus.

* Use super armor buff when you notice paladin are trapped and floated by the dark circle, Or when the Cerberus is about to use the roar attack
* Highland when necessary, especially during the last 2 HP bar. 
* Use devastating howl when necessary, especially when the priest' miracle hand is on CD and the Cerberus is about to Jump. 

Other classes 
*Make use the shadows are down ASAP before they get to the magical circle outside of the lane. 

Besides the main tanker, other member should stand near the tree (at the right lane) or the rock (at the left lane) to prevent yourself from being blown out when the Cerberus Roar.

credits: chaose5

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