Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mercenary Skill Build Lv 40

Mercenary has a great damage and high super armor
Their skills are also has big knock-back percentage 
It is quite fun for having pvp using mercenary haha ^_^

There's a lot of skill build version but i think this one is the best :)

  • Impact Punch and Heavy Slash – these two has low damage but they can be used as filler skills while you spam other high damage skills due to their fast casting time. They are extremely useful in PvP as well to keep your enemy in the air.
  • Drop Kick – Very important skill in PvP for air combo as well. Not really useful in PvE.
  • Rising Slash – Lv 6 for 2nd hit activation in this skill. Very useful in both PvP (air combo) and PvE. In PvE, you can chain Rising Slash with Aerial Combo
  • Relieve – Lv 2 or 4. To remove 2 negative buffs on yourself. Some people prefer to add till lv 4 for lower cooldown but lv 2 is okay also.
  • Impact Wave – There’s no need to add because it is a magic type skill
  • Circle Break – Physical type attack which can break enemy’s defense. Lv 1 if you want this skill. If not, you can ignore it.
  • Dash – Lv 4. Well, you don't need to max it if you don’t mind having a slower dash, you can put your SP to increase another skill lv
  • Stomp – Fast cast skill. If you’re advancing as a Barbarian, you will need to raise this skill to high lv. I don’t think the slow effect from this skill affect bosses so it is not really worth raising this high for damage
  • Flying Swing – Pre-requisite will do. Raising to higher level for Destroyer. This skill has quite a long cast time. However, the good point is you get damaged 70% lesser during the casting and you can throw mobs/players in the air but not on bosses.
  • Taunting Howl – Increasing your threat and reducing the mob attacking abilities. Some people raise this high for better debuff
  • Whirlwind – Lv 3. Undeniably, one of the best damage skills.
  • Battle Howl – Lv 1 or 2 (depends on which ultimate skill you want to take, if axe tornado then make it lv2, if gigantic bomber then make it lv1). Buff teammates physical attack, critical and fainting values.
  • Rolling Attack – One of the best DPS skill if all your hits manage to hit the enemy. You need to position yourself properly
  • Crisis Howl – Must-learn skill. When you are being attacked and not movable, this skill will help you gain back mobility. Lv 1 is already enough. The damage is not that great. Most probably, he wanted much faster cool down for this skill to be able to retaliate in PvP.
  • Panic Howl – Lv 1 or 2 (depends on  which ultimate skill you want to take, if axe tornado then make it lv1, if gigantic bomber then make it lv2). Probably not enough SP to add higher. Teammates receive superarmor and higher physical defense. Damage received is reduced as well.
  • Iron Skin – Lv 1. They said its one of the best skills for Mercenaries but just can't go higher lv because of tight SP.
  • Axe Tornado or Gigantic Bomber – The ultimate skill is up to you, depends on what you wanna be for later

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