Sunday, 3 June 2012


Scammers are those who deceive people to obtain goods or money for free. I hate them, they're just a bunch of jerk and heartless. They just care about themself for getting item or money even if they have to do the dirty tricks. So pathetic.

Scammers have so many awesome tricks, just make sure you won't believe them
I got scammed for the first time a few days ago (aaaahhh how stupid i am for trusting that jerk!!) and i don't want you guys to feel the same.

I made some tips how to prevent scammers:
never trust anyone in game even though they're a nice guy. They may just pretend to be kind. I suggest you just trust people that you know in REAL. 

just think before you click! Why you have to be in rush when trading things, the items won't disappear just like that. Just stay calm and check before you click OK (for example, see about their tricks below).

Scammers are sweet talkers, they can make you trust them in a second, you have to beware of those who offer you cheap goods. You better don't have the goods rather than lose everything for nothing.

Some of their tricks that i know (i will update if i find more)
1. Cash item cannot be traded so someone have to put it on Trading House to sell those.
Scammers will ask you to do a trade, and they will say "I don't have any slot in my TH" or "You give me the money first then i'll give you the item" or "Pay a half price first to make sure you are a sure buyer". THOSE ARE TOTALLY A LIE!
No matter what happen, they have to give the item first!
Normally people will refuse of course, so i suggest you don't buy cash item outside the trading house (remember tips number 3)

2. They will offer you cheap items, then when you guys about to do a transaction. They SWAP the items.
For example:
He offers you 'Ogre Axe +10' for 100g, after you click register, DO NOT CLICK OK YET. They may swap the item to 'Ogre Axe +1' in a sec
Or probably they will cancel the transaction and say "Sorry wrong click, trade me again" then, they put the 'Ogre Axe+1'
Check the item before you click OK, CLICK OK AFTER HE DONE CLICK REGISTER AND OK (remember tips number 2)

3. To make you believe they are not scammers, Some scammers will do SHOW OFF. They show off their equips, items or even say they have a lot of CC to make you sure they are a pro that can be trusted. Just NEVER BELIEVE in that (remember tips number 1)

Hope this information can help :)
by : Rei