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Sea Dragon Nest Guide: Final Stage, Stage 7

Stage 7: Sea Dragon - Serpenta
First Map: Phase 1 
HP x 20
Upon going into this stage, Serpenta will cast dragon breath attack, which is almost one hit ko for most players. Quickly hide at the corner (see Video) to avoid the breath.

Phase 1 skill:
* Claw: Melee ranged
* Middle Bite (Peck): Long ranged. Serpenta won't be able to hit you with this attack if you are hiding at the corner or stay by the side.
* Dragon Breath: Will cast every 60sec once. Must avoid by hiding at the two corners. It has some sort of suction effect, so arrow key has to be hold down to avoid getting sucks in. 

Dragon Breath is a special attack that can remove any buff on the target. So nothing can save your from it (shield block, avatar, miracle etc). However, a special cooking item will make you immune to breath attack for a short duration. 

HP x19
* Side Pecking: Serpenta will be able reach the corner at this phase. DPS char should see the motion of his head. Avoid swiftly if he is pecking into your direction. 
* Ice Claw: higher damage, slow effect.
After the HP is brought down by 85% for this hp bar, Serpenta will fly to the next map.

Before going into the second map, cast a highland on everyone. Miracle hand should be ready. 

Second Map: Phase 2 - Cannon Phase
HP x 18.15
Before entering this map, cast highland and buff up. 

Upon reaching the 2nd map, move to one of the edge of the map and overlap each other. Miracle hand should be cast immediately after that.

The reason for overlapping is because ice flake will be cast on party member which has a eye icon. The ice flake will not hit the person with the eye icon and the person overlapping with him. However, ice flake will deal heavy damage to people around it.

The reason for casting miracle hand is to reduce the damage from spike thrown by Serpenta. After his first dive breath, the 3 cannon holder can move to their respective cannons. 

Serpenta will be flying around in the sky during this phase. He can only be damaged by Cannons. Paladin can try to reflect the damage of spikes also. 
There are 5 cannons lying in line. It is advised that only the first, third and fifth cannons are used. leaving a gap of empty cannon between each cannons. The reason for doing so is to avoid the ice flakes (see below). 

Boss Skills:
* Ice Flakes (Eye): Serpenta will mark a few player in the party. Dark eyes symbols will appear on those who are being marked. Serpenta will shoot ice flakes at those who are being marked. However, it won't damage the one being marked but only members around him, 50k ~ 70k damage, AOE, slow effect. Everyone should stand apart from those who are marked. Another method is stand exactly with the one being marked, overlapping each other.  

* Monster-throwing attack (Spike):  Serpenta will throw monster from the sky to deal damage. Serpenta will never aim the person handling the cannon. To avoid getting hit by spikes, simply move from your current location when you see the black smoke on the dragon and spikes are thrown from him. Paladin should also provoke the monster so that they won't attack the person handling the cannons. 

* Ice meteor (Cube):  Serpenta summon 5 ice meteors on the sky. They will grow and move towards the whole team slowly and explode. Damage is around 90k+, and extremely large AOE. The meteors can be destroyed with cannons (5-6 normal shot, 1 charged shot). In the unlikely event that the ice meteor can't be destroyed, it is recommended that all members run to the safe zone (see picture) to avoid the damage from ice meteor.

Normally the party member who are not holding any cannons will be split into 2-3 subgroups, each at the side of the map. Move according to the skill cast: eye - overlap, spike - move around. 

After the dragon is brought down to near HPx16 (roughly 25%), the person handling the middle cannon should run and gather at the sides with the other party members. 

The other party members should be informed (they will not see the dragon's HP since they never hit it with cannon). Miracle hand should be cast and all party members overlap each other near the sides of the map.

The other 2 members at the 1st and 5th cannon should observe the dragon's HP and its profile picture beside his HP carefully. Note that it normally glows red if the cannon hit the dragon. However, when the dragon's profile picture STOP GLOWING RED even if the cannon hit it, press ESC to release yourself from the cannon and dash to the sides of the map ASAP. The Dragon will dive down with a breath attack very shortly afterwards.

NOTE #1: The dragon might not dive immediately at 16.25x HP. He might cast an additional wave of ice meteor which can prove dangerous if not dealt with. To prevent this, it is better to wait for additional rounds of ice meteor at 16.4x HP. After clearing this round of ice meteor, the 3rd cannoner can go to the side and overlap with others. The 1st and 5th cannoner will then continue hitting the dragon till the dragon dive down. 

NOTE #2: After it stop glowing red, DO NOT run back to the cannon NO MATTER what happen. 

Phase 3 
Main-T stand near the edge of the map where the cannons previously were and start provoking the dragon. Sub-T stand beside him, roughly one cannon distance away. The other 6 party members should be divided into 2 sub-groups each at one side of the dragon. 

Main-T & Provoke
Main T must keep the aggro on the dragon at all times and make sure the dragon is facing you. Provoke need to be level 7 at least with A/B duration plate. 

The timing for provoke is an art. It should not be spam whenever it is cooldown because the dragon is "immune" to provoke at several occasion.

Most main-T will stay near the edge of the map to prevent Blackhole from being cast. While at the edge of the map, provoke should only be cast is when the dragon is
* not doing anything
* pecking sub-T or main-T
* claw attack (with no ice)
* doing tail swipe.
* turning around when aggro on you is lost.
* casting rotating dragon breath ( you will need to walk nearer to him)

Provoke should not be cast when the dragon is:
* casting ice claw
* casting blackhole
* flying and doing any airborne skills
* casting ice age (bind)
* casting rotating dragon breath (when you are at the edge of the map)

Note: rotating dragon breath can only be provoked if you walk nearer to him. Staying at the edge of the map while casting provoke during this skills is useless. 

The two subgroups should gather at the tail of the dragon and deal damage under miracle hand. 
HP x 16.25
* Bite: Serpenta will be using this throughout the whole battle. Normally only aimed at the paladins. 
* Ice Claw: homing effect, can be blocked with mirror. Will be cast throughout the whole battle.
Paladin has to take note that the ice claw will cause lost aggro. Main-T or Sub-T has to refresh the aggro with provoke right after the ice claw attack. The key role of the two paladins is to make sure the dragon doesn't turn his head towards the other party members.

HP x 15.25
* Dive Breath (Dive): Serpenta will flap his wings and fly to the sky. Shortly after that, he will dive down with a breath attack. Take note of which way his head is facing. Members from the two subgroups hide at the two map edges at their respective edges (to the left or right of dragon) of the map to avoid it. Main-T and Sub-T should run to the side too. 

HP x14.25
* Rotating dragon breath: First cast at 14.25 x HP. Angle of rotation is roughly 180~270 degree, can be clockwise or counterclockwise. The screen will go blur for awhile while Serpenta flaps his wing. The blur effect induce a slow status on all party members. The breath attack that follows clear all buffs and deal very high damage. 

Mercenary and Paladin roles are very important here. 
* Approach the dragon (near tail or hind legs) with super armor buff when the dragon's HP is near 14.25
* Once the screen goes bluff, cast Relieve immediately which clears the slow effect.
* Cast Devastating howl before the dragon flies up and start his breath attack. 
* If you miss (no HP reduction observed), inform the paladin immediately and the paladin will have to eat dragon breath potion to withstand the damage. 

* Cast elemental aura to reduce ice/water damage from the rotating breath (permanent aura effect cannot be removed by the breath). Although mercenary induce at 80% attack reduction on the dragon, the damage is still extremely high. Roughly 50k damage will be induced on the paladin under the combination of devastating howl + elemental aura. 
* Stay at your current location. Do not run to your other party members. If you manage to provoke before the casting of rotating breath, the dragon will not rotate at all. This is important because you certainly don't want your other party members' buffs, especially buff potion, to be cleared by the breath attack. 
* If devastating howl debuff is not applied to the dragon for some reason, eat dragon breath potion to be immune to the breath for 10sec. 

After the first rotating dragon breath at 14.25xHP, the next rotating dragon breath will be casted after every 90second. 

There are two types of Rotating Dragon Breath:
(i) HP-triggered
* cast at 14.25, 9.25, 7.25 and 5.25 x HP. 
(ii) Time-triggered
* cast every 90sec after the first HP-triggered breath at 14.25. Will stop after hitting HPx10.5. 

Mercenaries have to make sure that their essential skills: super armor buff, relief, and devastating howl are ready before the rotating dragon breath. 

HPx 13.25
* Ice Age (Bind): Serpenta will raise his head and flap his wings, freezing players. Player will die shortly afterwards. ~110k damage. Normally the person with the highest aggro will be frozen. From now onwards, Ice Age will be cast throughout the whole battle except 9.25~7.25x HP.

Typically, that person is the main-T. If the main-T was frozen, the sub-T need to save him RIGHT AWAY with Smite. The main-T can prevent himself from being frozen by casting avatar or place summoned units (claw, hound or mushroom) in front of himself and take steps backwards. The frozen attack has a certain AOE and if the main-T is too close to the summoned units, he will be frozen as well. If the sub-T is a priest instead of paladin, relic should be cast in front of the main-T to act as sacrificial target. 

However, if the pally lose aggro and some other members are frozen, the other members in his sub-group should save him. Use high super armor break skills (miracle hand if need to) to  break the ice. Try not to stand too near each other when ice age is cast so that the whole sub-group will not be frozen all together. 

Certain classes can summon sacrificial target to be frozen by ice age and thus preventing himself from being frozen. It is important to make sure that you, your sacrificial target and the head of the dragon are perfectly in-line and you are not too close to your sacrifice target. 
- Priest: all relics
- Academic : all summons
- Force user: mirror

* Black hole & Tail Coil: CD ~30sec. He will spit some dark matter which will suck whoever nearby to its center. Serpenta will then turn around his body and use hits tail to coil around anyone at the center of the dark matter, suffocating him. Extremely high damage.  If you ever get sucked into the blackhole, spam jump and tumble/blink to have a slight chance to getting out. He will stop casting this after HPx7.25 

Phase 4 
HP x 9.25
When the dragon flies, there are two possibilities: ice rain( purple bomb) or dive with breath attack. 
* Ice Rain (Bomb): cleric just cast shield block. non-cleric have to keep running to avoid being damaged. Ice rain will be casted from 9.25x to 4.25x HP. It is important to note that relics and summon units attract rain also. When running, DO NOT run towards relic and summon units or any of your party members.

NOTE: Ice Age will NOT appear from 9.25x to 7.25x HP. 


7.25X TO 4.25X HP

* Ice Flakes: A few members will be marked with eyes. 4 waves of ice flakes will be thrown down on some marked members. A small area within the ice flakes will be the safe zone. 

Sub-group members have to stand overlapped with the marked person at the side to avoid being damage. Has a small suction effect. Do not re-adjust your position with arrow key. 

Each of the 3 subgroups has to decide on a fixed location to run to and gather for overlapping. The locations are normally marked by geographical features for easy reference ( rock, hole etc) When the dragon flies, move to the spot immediately when eyes are spotted on party members. 

It is advised that the view should not be panned away from the dragon. The reason is, the dragon might cast ice rain when it flies, which requires you to run away from others, instead of gathering. 

* Frontal Breath: Follows immediately after the 4th wave of ice flake. The two subgroups at the side move further towards the back of the dragon slightly to avoid this breath. The tanker subgroup move the edge of the map (in the direction the dragon is facing). 

* Dive Breath: Follows immediately after the frontal breath. Hide at the edges as usual. 

The 3-combo: Ice flake > frontal breath > dive will always be cast together. The 3 combo will be cast from 7.25x to death.

* Side Breath: This breath is extremely dangerous. He will cast this when he is on the ground, almost randomly. The breath spans from the front leg to the end of the tail. Therefore, it's very important NOT to stand any where near his sides after HPx6.25. The safe place to gather and deal damage is at the TIP of the tail. 

It is advised that, each ground, either miracle hand or devastating howl should be cast at the gathering point at the tail tip. When moving towards the tail tip, beware not to get too close to the side of the dragon. Try to move along the edge of the map, to be safe.

This is the most challenging phase of the whole dragon battle because the dragon will try to trick you with some false signals. 

Normally, eye is followed by ice flakes. The default action after seeing eye on party members , is to overlapped with your party members. However, after HPx6.25, after putting eye icon, he MIGHT start to cast ice rain instead of ice flake. If you stay overlap and not moving, you will be wiped out very soon.

The key to solve this is to differentiate the casting animation between ice rain and ice flakes. Observe what he do after he flies.

* sometimes you probably don't have time to check the sky for  his casting animation after he flies up , since you might be moving toward the overlapping point.
* listen to the video above, and memorize the sound the dragon made when he is casting the ice rain.
* once you can do that, you don't even need to check the sky to know that ice rain is coming. Very powerful technique once you have mastered it. 

* What you need to do in both cases above, is to cast your shield block if you have (should save for it) Or, if you don't have shield block, then just keep moving.... It 's a bit like Manticore flying bombing where he won't hit you if you keep moving.

However, do not run into the other party members or tragedy will happen =.=  Assign 3 paths for each members from each sub-group to run so that you guys won't run into each other. 

For flakes, his attack animation are described as follows:

Eye (Real) + Ice Flakes:
-  After placing eye, if you see that his mouth breath dark/icy breath with dark smoke on both claws. After a roar, it will throw flakes.  

* You should quickly move to the assigned overlap spot.

Phase 5 - "Pig-Head Mode"
HP x 4.25
At this last phase, when Serpenta is airborne, it will DEFINITELY cast the 3 combo. So simply move the overlap spot without even looking at him. 
He will still cast the usual ice claw, ice age, side breath and bite when he is on the ground. However, black hole will not appear again. 

There will be 4 final chests after you defeat the dragon.
The usual drops are a few parts of sea dragon gears, S-rank potential codes and S-rank skill plates, with a lot of gold and intermediate gems. 

credits: chaose5

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