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Sea Dragon Nest Guide: Stage 3

Stage 3: Lava Golem
This stage is very tough stage. There are 8 platforms around the vicinity, with the Lava Golem in the middle. After a countdown of 5 second, the whole place will be flooded with lava. Each party members is supposed to stand on top of each platform.  If more than one person is standing on one of the platform, the whole team will be wiped out. 

Therefore, it is recommended that each party members are assigned a platform and he/she is supposed to remember its location. The cooldown for each lava flood is roughly 30seconds. You are only able to deal damage safely on the floor when the lava subside. Cooldown of various skills are good measures to time the lava flood. The boss has very high crit resist. therefore it will take  some time to kill the boss. 

It is recommended that you enlarge the mini map by using "=" button before this stage to see the platform clearly. You are able to see if whether the platform is already occupied by a party member. When you first enter the map, don't rush into damaging the boss first. Each member should take some time to stand on their own platform and remember its location. 

Taking the north at 12 o'clock, Tanker class should be standing at 5,6,8 o'clock location whereas DPS class should be standing at 10, 11, 1 o'clock. Why? Because the boss initially is facing the 6 o'clock platform and the paladin should be using provoke and drag aggro to himself. DPS class can deal damage at the back of the boss. 

Boss Skill:
1. Ground punching and single-hand earth flipping: Lava Golem has very similar attack pattern to the rock golem in manticore nest. The difference is, 3 pillars of fire will be created around his fist when he punch the ground. Low damage.

2. Fireball: Lava golem will throw a fireball from his head which will split into 4 smaller balls upon explosion (similar to the manticore gravity ball crest). The first fireball travel in a projectile motion (just like punishing swing of mercenary). Upon explosion, the ball will split in the X-fashion (see diagram below)

O ━━━━━━━━━ X

o = lava golem
━━━━━━━━━ = big fire ball travel direction
X = smaller fire ball travel direction upon explosion 

It is recommended to blink backward or forward if the big fire ball is thrown to you. High damage. Around 5~6k. 

3. Ring of fire: Normally right after the lava flood, lava golem will cast this skill to push party members down from the platform. This skill is similar to Spectrum Shower cast by the Hellmode manticore. There are two rings, inner and outer ring. The outer ring is at the vicinity of the platform. High damage around 15k. To avoid being damage, move towards the inner ring quickly after you see the casting motion. 
NOTE: After you see the system notice "Successfully avoiding lava floood", you may jump down from the platform and stay on the floor, even though you will see some lava on the floor (they won't damage you anymore). 

4. Double-hand earth flipping : Lava golem use both of his hand to flip the earth in front of him, creating a line of explosion in front of him. Low damage and easy to dodge. 

5. Fire charging: When lava golem only hav 2 bars of hp, he will start charging forward with whole body on fire, very similar to electric ogre in apocalypse. Instead of lighting ball, fire ball will be shooting out from his sides, burning anyone who get hit by it. However, unlike electric ogre who only charge in a straight line, lava golem can actually turn and follow the person he is trying to charge. A simple method to jam the boss is, when the lava boss start charging, run towards a platform, jumping on to it and go behind it. Since the boss can't jump over, he will try to charge into the platform. DPS classes can safely damage the boss at this moment from behind. 

6. Ignition: When lava golem is at his last bar of hp, he might use ignition when anyone is inflicted with burn status. This ignition is an almost an instant kill (54k+ damage), ignore block, avatar, stance of faith, evasion stance. Priests play a very important role here, by keep casting hand of miracle and hand of curing to cure abnormal status. A single priest is normally not enough. 2 priests and 1 force user with time acceleration will be able to cover the cooldown of the two relics. Do note that the casting of ignition is very fast. Therefore it is very important to keep one of the relic availabe on the field at all time. Warrior has an advantage here because they can clear the burn status easily on their own. Highland also keep the whole party and himself alive if ever ignition happens. Other class try not to get hit and burn at all. 
During the last bar of Hp, tankers play a very important role here. Since the platform is very small, if the one drawing aggro is not a tanker with block, the lava boss can actually push the guy down from the platform, causing the whole team to be wiped out. Therefore, non cleric classes are not recommended to hit the boss while standing on the platform to avoid drawing the aggro of the boss onto yourself. 

* PROVOKE must be at least Lv4 (best if max) with an A plate to keep the aggro permanently on you. 
* Provoke must be cast straight after the word "Safely avoided the lava flood" appears. This is especially important at Hp x2 when he casting fire charging to make sure the golem charges towards you and not other members. Stand behind the platform so the golem will be jammed in front of you. 
* At HP x 1, if you are burnt and there are no Hand of miracle and relic of cure nearby, cast Divine Avatar to cure the burn status. The ignition will be cast if the person with the highest aggro is burnt.

* Take turn to cast miracle relic , followed by cure relic each round. 
* Cure relic must be cast to cure burn status on paladin especially near HP x 1 before retreating to your own platform because ignition might happen if the paladin get burnt.

Force User:
* Make sure time acceleration affect as many people as possible. If you cant aim every party members, priority should be Priest > Pally > Warrior > other classes. 

* Highland is very important to prevent ignition from killing anyone near HP x1.
* Use devastating howl + taunting howl when necessary to reduce the attack of the golem to 0. 

* Lava golem is weak to both ice attack and resist fire attack. 
* If you are unable to reach the platform in time, it is recommended that you leave your party ASAP. Otherwise, you might cause the whole team to be wiped out. 
* Paladin should not cast stance of faith when the lava flood is coming. You cant jump to the platform and will lead to the failure of team. This applies to hacking stance of sword master too. 

Upon clearing this stage, a chest will appear with two pieces of 40A armor/weapon + a high level A ranked accessory. 
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credits: chaose5

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