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Sea Dragon Nest Guide: Stage 2

Stage 2: Random Islet 
Your party will be transported to one of the two islets randomly.

Berserk Islet: 
There are 4 switches on this islet. After a certain countdown, various debuff will be casted on the whole party members, unless your party members click the switches according. 

The order of clicking the switches is random, and depends on spawn order of monsters:

For example: The monster spawn order is White Skeleton, followed by Red Gargoyle, then Green Zombie, and lastly Blue monster. Then your party members are supposed to press the switches according the following order: White, Red, Green and Blue. 

All these have to be done in 7 seconds, otherwise a certain debuff will be inflicted upon your party members. You have to clear all the monsters that spawn too. This has to be performed 3 times before passing this stage. 

TIPS: If the party members are not communicating with any voice communication, just assign the time of pressing the pillar according to the countdown timer. For example: during 7~6 = first person press, 5~4 =second person press, 3-2 = third person press, 1 = final person press. 

There will be 3 type of debuff in the islet (in the following order): 
First debuff: Cooldown increase by 10x. Basically it is the reverse of time acceleration. 
Second debuff:  Attack decrease by 50%. 
Third debuff: Friendly fire. Basically this debuff will cause your skill to damage your own party member. So don't attack if you are inflicted with this debuff. Just wait till the debuff is over while running around.

Note: all mobs in this stage can be inflicted with various debuffs:  timestop, slow, freeze, down, etc.

Poison Islet:
At the middle of the islet, there is a hole that will suck your party members into it periodically. Your HP will drop very fast if you get sucked into it. If ever someone in the party get sucked in, one of the party member is supposed to click one of the two magical stones at the side of the islet to release them from the hole. 

* Highland will make sure whoever drop into the hole will not be killed.
* Paladin on Divine Avatar will not be damaged in the hole too.
* Holy Shield (if the magic attack is high enough) will save the person in the hole too.

You are required to clear 3 waves of monsters:
First wave: A bunch of zombie. It is suggested that everyone gather around a corner, then just keep attacking. 
Second wave: Man-eating plant. They spawn all round the islet, Move in groups slowly around the islet and killing them all. 
Third Wave: 4 x Poison Ogre. 

Note that there are also traps lieing around, which will push columns of poison cloud out if you step on it. 

After clearing this stage, chest will appear, Normally the drop is 2 x 40A armor/weapon + one dragon scale. The dragon scale is an ingredient to craft the Revive Apple (allow you to revive once in sea dragon nest) and Dragon Scale Soup ( allow you to survive the lethal dragon's breath attack)
Click here for stage 3 guide 

credits: chaose5

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