Sunday, 24 June 2012

Event: Magnify Your Chest Rewards! (24–26 Jun)

This weekend, from 24th to 26th June use a [Magnifying Glass] to inspect your Dungeon Chests at the end of the run and you’ll be rewarded with an item from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest for each [Magnifying Glass] used!

You can get as many items as you want from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest within the event period.

The Bonus Magnifyque Chest contains some truly Magnifycent Rewards, so hop on over to the Cash Shop and grab some [Magnifying Glass] to Magnify your weekend today!

- More rewards are added into the reward list.
1. Epic Enhancement Heraldry Plate x1 (Destruction/Magician/Ultimate/Life Vitality Plates)
2. Epic 40 Level General Vortex Code Common Pouch x1
3. Epic 40 Level General Spiral Code Common Pouch x1

- All rewards from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest will be credited to your in-game mailbox the next day before 2359HRS. (e.g [Magnifying Glass] used on 24th Jun, rewards will be credited on 25th Jun before 2359HRS.)

*Note: All [Magnifying Glass] used on 23 June 2012, from 0000HRS to 2359HRS (GMT+8) will also be counted in for the rewards offered in this promotion.

This event is so awesome!! I just got apo ring from this event ~ cool ~ ^___^


  1. groaaaa.. aku cm dapet manti helm yg plg bagus..

    1. 5000 comet dust
      1 reve apo ring
      1 spiral pouch
      1 apo crystal ball
      1 manti spellbook
      sisanya tgn kaki, heraldry, code :|