Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Windwalker Skill Build Lvl 80 (Hybrid - PVE & PVP/Ladder) by Rena

Okay first of all i just wanna say that this is my build
I don't expect you to follow it completely i just wanna share mine
I played windwalker for years
and to be honest Windwalker damage at PVE kinda sucks
I build it up to 80k p.attack still... my 65k m.atk artillery gives more damage at PVE
since i'm too desperate see the result would be that much far
so i decided to put my WW hybrid (Can do both PVP and PVE) because i'm also a ladder player

Archer Tree:

Most of basic skill i'm pretty much sure you understand why it has to be maxed such as Blink, Aerial Evasion and Physical

Wise Owl - It can be so much helpful in PVE since at PVP/Ladder it only last for 5s
so at PVP/Ladder i use it only if i'm ready to go for ulti or perfect combo

MP Recovery - Definitely MAX, you know sliding using spiral kick cost too much MP
Twin Shot & Multishot - For me, multishot is only for PVP/Ladder to flinch the enemy,
but twinshot is more useful to spam damage when you're at range (as long you can aim well),
i really wish to raise it more

Acrobat Tree:

Sprial Kick Lv 6 - This skill can drain your MP too much if you put too high
lvl 16 is for PVE and PVP/Ladder 6 is good enough, you know MP is an issue in ladder

Blooming Kick Lv 8 - Yes, lv 8 we need that 100% chance of stun effect

Air Pounce Lv 6 - Enough to get 5 jumps. In PVE people make it lv 16 but here we are again
my build is hybrid, i need 5 jumps to reset spiral edge in PVE, meanwhile in PVP/Ladder it's not your main dps skill

Chain Trampoline, Tip Top, Shortbow Mastery, Spirit Boost, Spiritual Excel MAX
i'm sure you don't need to ask why

Eagle Dive Lv 16 - Actually 16 is enough i just, lv 16 has highest % atk increase

Cyclone Kick , Spiral Vortex MAX - You main dps skill either in PVE or PVP/Ladder

Windwalker skill tree:

ALL TAKEN AND MAX - i don't need to explain why. Showtime is really your "Show Time"
and Rising Storm is your main top dps skill :D


There you see there's 2 sp left
you can take those 2 sp to put on skill whether you feel you need to add

This build is not perfect, i'm still working on it to make it better
I love Windwalker despite her low damage but to be honest SHE RULES THE LADDER

Feel free to ask :)

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