Sunday, 6 September 2015

How to Find Gosuk in Lagendia Island of Missing Treasure

Hahahaha i believe some of you also stuck in this dungeon
Gosuk seriously good at hiding
and sucks when you fail at golden stage i know how it feels
So here i will share you some location where you might found gosuk

So here's some location and tips to find gosuk:

1. Set all your game setting to Low before you enter Lagendia
having your setting to high will give too many effects
for example is grass effect
having high "quality and texture quality" will make the grass effect show up
and it will take more time to find gosuk in high grass
see at 2nd picture below you can see there's no grass there because i set it low

2. Press TAB to enter your weapon so you can run FASTER

3. Move / walk efficiently
you can't waste any single second here in this stage
so you have to walk all over the stage to find gosuk and it would be a waste if you walk
on the same road over and over again

So here's the path i choose :
Okay so we start from here

you can walk as soon as it starts, go straight

take a simple blink or right side and keep moving forward
(see the field, with high quality & texture setting, you can't see any goblin there
so i set up all game effect to low)

go to this side then go left to bonfire (oops i found gosuk already XD)

check at the bonfire he might be there i found him once there

check on dancing stage, i often find him here

jump down from the dancing stage and go inside the cave, i found him once there

If he isn't there then go to cemetery

Check carefully under the tree (i found him once) and under the shelter (i also found him once)

go upstairs check at push ups goblins (i found him there once doing push ups)

If he isn't there then go to underground, check on the back of barrel i found him once there

Still haven't found him yet then get out from underground and go right check behind the tree!
some of you sometimes missed it, i have found him sometimes behind the tree

Then you can go to destroyed pillars

and this is the last part of the stage, you still have around 60 secs until here

If you haven't found him yet then you must be missing something or
not observing well


4. Check out the box
To be honest i got twice fail in this stage even though i'm pretty sure i observed very well
so here's my guess
gosuk may hide inside the boxes?
try to destroy some boxes when you didn't find him

Okay thats all, hope i can help ^_^

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