Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lagendia Continent Exploration

So for those who don't know what Lagendia Continent Exploration
This is Lagendia Continent Exploration

click to see real size
So basically it's just rolling the dice and enter a dungeon, clear a dungeon and get the keys

The key is used to open a box at the end of the stage
each stage gives you 1 or 2 keys
but the stage with golden box icon such as island of hungry mongrel, pitiful slave,
powerful invader and missing treasure will give you 3 or 4 keys
(see the picture)

The point is to have a small roll so you can enter more dungeons and get more keys
If you think you get too few keys, you can also abandon the map by clicking abandon button
(i mark it with red circle)
it wont cost you any tickets to enter again


At the end of the stage you can choose to open big or small box
1 small box needs 1 key and 1 big box needs 7 keys
but the reward is also different and I suggest you to open the big one
It has bigger chance to get rare items

See the difference?
Small box mostly contains only octagonal water, goddess teardrop
NPC gifts and some silvers
you can get lagendia box and origin of lagendia too
with smaller chance

while big one gives you 100% : 1 lament, 1 lagendia box, 1 origin of lagendia,
1 goddess teardrop, 1 lv 80 jade, some octagonal waters, 1 NPC gift
sometimes it drops lv 80 talisman and hard star/burning fragments
you can also get another rare items such as BDN ring and ranceia equips

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