Monday, 21 September 2015

Dragon Jade

Dragon Jade is much like suffix for your equips
You can choose either you want agi or str depends on what jade you will use

There are 2 types of jades:
1. Stats jade : this jade will increase your stats such as attack power, str, agi, etc.

Stats jade divided into 2 type also: offensive (attack) and defensive (defend)
offensive (attack - oval shape) jade is only can be used for rings and weapon
it's increasing attack or m.attack or elemental attack
defensive (defend - diamond shape) jade is only can be used for armors, earring, and necklace
it's increasing stats such as str, agi, hp, etc.

2. Skills Jade (the one with triangle shape) : this jade is more like "One-Hit" additional bonus 
also divided into 2 type : offensive (attack) and defensive (defend)

Offensive Skill Dragon Jade (only applied in weapon):
All Offensive Skill Gems provide an attack buff that lasts for 10 seconds before applying a 10 second offensive debuff (60 second cooldown) to the enemy. These effects include enemy reduction in Elemental Resist, Physical Damage, Magical Damage, etc.

Defensive Skill Dragon Gem (only applied in armor):
All Defensive Skill Gems provide an HP recovery effect before providing a defensive buff that lasts for 5 seconds (30 second cooldown). These effects include personal increases in Elemental Resist, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Movement Speed, etc.

For an armor you can put 1 defensive skill jade and 2 stats jade
For a weapon you can put 1 offensive skill jade and 2 stats jade
For necklace and earring you can put 1 defensive stats jade
For rings you can put 1 offensive stats jade

There are some rules of dragon jade which are:
  • Equipment of a lower level can not use a higher level Dragon Jade
  • Rare level equipment can not use Epic level Jade but Epic Level Equipment can use Epic or lower rarity jade
  • Equipment can not be sold in the Marketplace or traded until all Dragon Gems are removed
  • Rare level equipment can not use skill dragon jade

Where to get Dragon Jade?
1. Drop from boss in dungeon
2. Dimensional Rabbit
3. Epic Jade can drop from Nest
4. Skill dragon Jade drop from Hell Nest and Ordeal Nest

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