Thursday, 17 September 2015

How to Get Free Equipment, Jade & Heraldry from Lv 40 up to Lv 70

Okay, in this post i will tell you how to get free equipment, jade and heraldry
Soooo.. you can save your money to buy things for lv 80

There is 2 ways to get free equipment here:
1. Wonderful Theme Park

So all you need is looking for Wonderful Exchange Coupon
You can get that from entering wonderful theme park and go to right portal
you can finish the dungeon and get the coupon

and then you can trade the coupon at Magician Sanders NPC who is standing right beside
the entrance of Wonderful Theme Park

You can trade some +8 equipment using the coupon

There's also limited heraldry and low jade, but it's only available up to Lv 60
and remember it is cannot be traded!

2. Dishonest Merchant
This time the exchange item is Goddess's Teardrop

Go to Dishonest Merchant NPC
Dishonest Merchant Nerf at Saint Haven
You can buy some items using goddess teardrop or also rental
I suggest you go for rental item
You only need 1 Goddess's Teardrop per item

But remember: It has usage period which is can only be used for 7 days
but i don't think it is a problem since you only need 1 teardrop per item

Where to get Goddess's Teardrop?

1. You can do daily or weekly mission
2. You can do daily quest from Dishonest Merchant NPC who has green (!) mark sign


Okay, now you don't need to spend any money to get equipment up to Lv 70 ^^
It's all free anyway ~

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