Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Event: Crazy Duck Nest (23 Sept - 19 Oct 2015)

I will explain to you about this event and give you some tips to do Crazy Duck Event

To enter this nest you need to talk to the Storyteller Kathy  NPC
she is located at fountain in saint haven
this nest can only be entered once a day

And here i will explain the stage:

Stage 1 : Nest Entrance
Just kill all the duck in your way and reach the end
in this stage, you cannot use any skill so just spam left click (basic attack)

Stage 2 : Kill 100 Ducks
All you have to do in this stage is to kill 100 ducks and you will proceed the boss stage
in here you can use skill but basic attack is fine for me

Stage 3 : Super Muscle Duck Boss
This stage, there are 2 bosses, 1 blue duck (Super Muscle Duck)
and the other 1 after you kill the blue one will appear red duck (Super Muscle King Duck)

Here's The Reward:

Go to NPC Merchant Pania located at fountain in saint haven

Fragment skill, dragon teardrop, some random pouch

Dragon Skill Jades

Festival Armor/Weapon
these equips can only be enhanced by festival enhancement stone up to +10
don't need to be worry it WILL NOT BROKE

This shop at storyteller kathy
Ducks mount and hat XD

Here's some things and some tips you have to know about this dungeon:

1, Your status in this dungeon is exactly the same as your real status in town
so that mean if you have high attack, you may clear this dungeon faster
the higher your attack, the faster you clear the dungeon

2. You don't need to use all the skills
There you see we have 6 skills
skill number 1 : Call 4 mecha duck to be distraction (NO NEED)

skill number 2 : Shot a laser beam and deals high damage (NO NEED)
this skill miss a lot if you don't aim right and i don't think it has that high damage

Skill number 3 : jump and shockwave to enemy (NEED)
you need this skill to stop crazy duck bosses's super attack

Skill number 4 : shot homing missile 100% accurate hit (NEED)
you can use this skill if its available since it will hit the target 100% accurate

Skill number 5 : Speed buff increase movement & action speed 30% (SUPER NEED)
do i need to explain this? ^^"

Skill number 6 : Dance and heal yourself (NO NEED)
meehh you wont die trust me..

So let me repeat again, the skill you need is only number 3 4 5
when boss do super attack use skill number 3, then use 5 spam basic attacks
do skill 4 when it's available

3. You can spam explode by pressing "space" when you got attacked by the ducks

4. You can dismantle the festival weapon/armor and turn it into festival gemstone
at the end of the stage you will get 1 random festival armor/weapon
you can dismantle them and turn it into 5 festival gemstone if you don't need it
Hope this can help ^^ leave a comment if you have question

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