Monday, 21 September 2015

Dissasembler (New Assembling System in Dragon Nest)

Disassembler is used when you don't need the item anymore and you can't sell it
or you need some material to make items such as talisman or dragon jade in blacksmith
In Saint Haven it is located at east wing of saint haven next to Merlin Blacksmith

Easy to use, just put your items by right click your items or drag to the slot (you can disassemble armors or weapons) then click assemble.
You can only assemble epic or higher armor & weapon, dragon jade, and talisman

Here's the list what will you get from assembling :

* Gems (alteum, essence of life, agate) from assembling armor or weapon

* Dragon Jade Fragment from assembling dragon jade
you will gate dragon jade fragment depends on the level of the equip
faint dragon jade fragment for jade level 40
deep dragon jade fragment for jade level 60
bright dragon jade fragment for jade level 70
intense dragon jade fragment for jade level 80

* Talisman Fragment from assembling talisman
faint talisman fragment for talisman level 40
deep talisman fragment for talisman level 60
bright talisman fragment for talisman level 70
intense talisman fragment for talisman level 80

You cannot disassemble heraldry or accessory

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