Saturday, 15 September 2012

Item Production (Old Updates)

Item Production is performed by talking to any Blacksmith and accessing his crafting menu. In order to craft an item players must have all the materials listed in its recipe. Some materials can be found at Chaos Opening

a. The materials drops from monster at dungeon
Item Production operations divided into four categories:

a. Adding a suffix to a weapon or an armor piece of Rare or Epic rarity, which improves its stats significantly and adds a special effect that happens with a certain probability.
here's the link where to get the crafting materials

b. Changing the prefix of an Epic rarity accessory

b. Changing the prefix of an Epic rarity accessory, which grants stat bonuses and allows it to improve one skill by one level. 
here's the link how to get the materials
c. The materials only can be obtained from Nest

c. Creating a set of Nest Boss equipment (Elf Corps set, Cerberus set, Manticore set, Apocalypse set, Totem set) from its materials 

Once the player has all the listed materials, crafting can be performed for a fee in the menu itself and 100% success.

d. Refining Gift Items and gem to higher quality versions using Octagonal Water.

**To see the real size: right-click the pic, open link in a new tab

NOTES: After new update, this information are not necessary anymore or cannot be used. Suffix system are already removed from Dragon Nest.
d. Refining Gift Items and gem to higher quality

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