Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spiral Code and Vortex Code (Old updates)

What is Spiral and Vortex code?
Spiral or vortex code are used to enhance item without fail. Spiral or vortex code only can be purchased by exchanging comet dust and sun spark. These items are sold in Blacksmith.

Comet dust and sun spark can be obtained from disassemble machine or nest

The difference of spiral code and vortex code
Spiral code has a prerequisite of 1 level lower than the upgrade level of the code. That means, for example: to be able to use a +7 40 Epic Grade Spiral Code (Secondary Weapon), you need a +6 level 40 main weapon.
Vortex codes doesn't need this prerequisite. it can be used to enhance for example from +0 to +7 directly.

NOTES: After the update, spiral code or vortex code or comet dust are not necessary anymore. All equip items that dissembled will turn out to be alteum or agate

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