Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New patch

Dragon nest having a new patch , so that means also have new updates
Check the updates:

1. New Costumes

2. Pet Dyes

3. New Mount from Gacha Box = Unicorn

4. DNP
Now players can sell items to earn DNP from Trading House. DNP is points that has the same value as CC. That means, you can buy cash items using DNP as the same price as CC. Players can also buy DNP using CC.

To see the real size: right click - open link in a new tab

5. Some new updates
- Unfriendliness removed from NPC Friendship System.
- Quantity of NPC Gifts allowed to be given has been increased to 50 at a time.
- Players are now able to delete their unwanted Cash Items from their inventories.
- Item: Binding Seal is now able to seal up to Level 32 equipment (Previously up to Level 16)
- The chances of getting Low Grade Potential Codes from the Altea’s Gacha-Box have been reduced. That means everyone gets better chances at the rare items available!

6. Guild
 - Guild Points system will be replaced with Guild EXP system (all guilds level will be readjusted according the new update). How to get Guild EXP is exactly the same as how to get Guild Points
- New Guild Recruitment System added
- Guild Buffs. Now you can apply guild buffs to all member in the guild
- Guild War. This, i still have no idea (i'll add up some info later)

To see the real size: right click - open link in a new tab

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