Saturday, 19 May 2012

Event: Up Your Street Cred (19 May - 1 June)

From 19 May to 1 June, earn some fantastic Bonus Rewards when up your Street Cred by attaining the titles of 'Urban Hipster' and 'Leadership of Society'!

To see the real size: right-click, open link in a new tab
How do you get those titles:
By completing the required achievements
The list of required achievements for each title are listed in your title ‘Collection Book’, by hitting ‘P’ on your keyboard, then clicking on ‘Title’ to bring up ‘Title’ menu, then selecting the second tab ‘Collection Book’.

Terms and Conditions
- This event starts on 19 May 2012, 0000HRS (GMT+8) and ends on 1 June 2012, 2359HRS (GMT+8).
- Players may choose to obtain either the ‘Urban Hipster’ or the ‘Leadership of Society’ titles or both. Rewards will be given based on the respective titles earned.
- Characters which have already attained either or both of the titles beforehand will be automatically eligible for the rewards.
- The rewards will be credited to all eligible characters on 5 June 2012, before 2359HRS (GMT+8).
- All Admin decisions are final.

I made the list for to get the titles, hope this can help :D
How to get titles for Urban Hipster:
1. Complete all the achievements in Prairie Town / Mana Ridge
    - Apprentice = Shadow Forest Trail / Frost Wind Valley
    - Performer = Ancient Temple Ruins / Parelina’s Resting Place
    - Thorough = Catacombs / Silent Monastery
    - Quick = Shadow Forest Core / Frost Windforest
    - Lightning Swallower = Ancient Temple Excavation Site / Marian Shrine
2. Cloth Tracker = get Ragged Loincloth item
3. Controlling = died while fighting boss in Catacomb

How to get titles for Leadership of Society:
Enter the dungeon with party 4 members with none of 4 dying
- Harpy Hunter = Sign Canyon (Abyss)
- Gargoyle Hunter = Forest Sanctuary (Abyss)
- Minotaur Threats = Sleepers Temple (Abyss)
- Ogre Hunter = Road of No Return (Abyss)
- Reaper = Death Basin (Abyss)
- Manticore Slaughterer = Prayers Resting Place (Abyss)
- Nobility = Road of No Return (Master)
- Cowbell Carrier = Catacomb Hall (Abyss)

**If you have question just comment :)

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