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Heraldry are used to strengthen and enhance skills and abilities.

Heraldry Scholar at Calderock Town
How to make Heraldry:
Talk to Scholar > choose "heraldry production"
How to remove Heraldry:
Right-click the equipped heraldry to remove it. If you want to remove it without breaking it, talk to scholar > choose "returning heraldry"

Here's some kind of Heraldry :
- Fatal - Increases your Critical Chance
- Destruction – Increases your Physical Attack stat
- Wind - Increases your AGI
- Life Vitality – Increases your HP
- Mana - Increases MP
- Health – Increases your VIT
- Bear – Increases your Strength Stat
- Intellect - Increases your INT Stat
- Magician - Increase your Magic Attack stat
- Mana - Increases your MP regeneration
- Iron Wall - Increases your Defense
- Tent - Increases your Magic Defense
- Daunting - Increases your Paralyze resist
- Ultimate - Increases your Final Damage
- Restraint - Increases your Paralyze chance
- Blessed - Increases your Critical resist
- Will - Increases your Stun resist
- Shock - increases your Stun chance

For skill heraldry, you can obtain it from collecting Dimensional Fragment from Dimensional Rabbit and trade it to Heraldry Scholar

And for special heraldry, you can get it from Nest
For Lv 60 heraldry, you can get it from Dragon Follower dungeon

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